World of Concrete 2018 (WOC2018) – Who’s going

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Who's going to WOC2018Are you attending WOC2018?

Just wanted to see who’s going to be attending this year’s WOC event in Las Vegas from 1/23 to 1/26.

Last year we had a few members show up and one even won a hammer.

We started a forum thread so you can post your replies and if you are going or not.  Of course we will have coverage on the site as we have a small team going and covering the latest and greatest innovation in tools and of course concrete.

Lest we forget, Quikrete and Keen – our faithful sponsors will also be there this year and we’ll be updating what’s new in their product lineups for 2018.  They always have some exciting developments.  Here is Dabbs crushing it from WOC2017.

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The WOC2018 thread is located here.

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6 comments on “World of Concrete 2018 (WOC2018) – Who’s going

  1. John

    Wow, it seems like a great event. I need to be there. Maybe I will find there the answer to my problem. We have a regular cabinet in our dining room. They’re very well made but also very old. I think they’re white oak. I’m guessing they were built in the ’60s or ’70s. I want to refinish them(and update the doors/drawers) but the stain looks almost like a solid or semi-solid stain. Is sanding the way to go to remove this finish? I was planning to do it by myself, but I’ve heard about this cabinet refacing company – https://marprocabinetsrefacing.com . Maybe I should give them a try? Or maybe I will find some good tool for sanding.

  2. Mark the kowboi

    Definitely would love to meet the crew at btp I would love to get to learn what I can from your crew Bosch love your brand

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