Workshop Tip: Stretching Pipe Clamps!

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I often find myself needing to clamp large items such as face frames of bookcase counter edge nosings. Unless you’re Norm Abrams and you have a plethora of various size pipe clamps and a ton of space to store them, you often find the need to improvise when you need long clamps.
Extending Pipe Clamps: When I need a long pipe clamp to clamp long parts together I use a double-threaded union to join two smaller pipes together. I keep smaller pipes in my shop [i.e., 2′, 3′ and 5′ long] of ¾” diameter and when I need to make a larger pipe clamp I simply join two smaller pipes together with the threaded union. [see photo below]. This trick saves me from purchasing long clamps and, more importantly, having to store them in my already small shop!

Storing Pipe Clamps: I decided to make a storage rack that mounts on my shop wall and allowed the pipe clamps to hang. A hanging pipe clamp storage rack is not only a neat and orderly way to store your clamps, but it was easy to access them. It’s easy to do. Read more to learn How To Make A Pipe Clamp Storage Rack.

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5 comments on “Workshop Tip: Stretching Pipe Clamps!

  1. Keith

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you guys but what you have shown in the above picture is not a union. It’s a sleeve/coupling, depends on what you want to call it. A union is something entirely different.

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