The Quest for the Ultimate Man Cave/Hunting Cabin

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Concrete artist Thom Hunt and his BBStudios/Sprayed Concrete Creations teams’ latest project is creating a concrete earth cabin in a living waterfall. The waterfall will span the entire 110-foot length of the Cabin, which water will flow over from a spring-fed lake above the property. The water will flow over the building’s roof down into a smaller lake situated in front of the cabin.

The entire exterior of the house will be a rock formation so as to hide the cabin dwelling inside. The foyer /entry way of the cabin will be a replica of a cave with a water feature that includes a wet wall with flowstone and stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The challenge of this particular water fall project is that artificial rockwork is unpredictable. The water source for this feature won’t be a typical pump and return; the water source will be continuously fed by a natural spring 20-acre lake, so rainfall has to be incorporated into the equation.

This concrete structure will be incorporated as a feature under a natural waterfall in Arkansas.

Getting the catch and overflows will be a challenge for sure.

All the rockwork will be made of steel armatures wrapped in fiberglass lath the sprayed shotcrete. This formation will be be shaped and carved, using a plaster mix, to simulate a rock formation that appears to come from the side of a hill. The property is located on a 650-acre plot outside Little Rock, Ark., where the owner eventually wants to create a park for people can enjoy recreational activities that range from ATV riding to camping.

A Concrete Man Cave


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Thom Hunt of BBStudios has over 30 years as a professional artist Thom has perfected his talents as a sculptor, painter and designer. Thom Hunt has put together an amazing variety…Read more

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