5 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Remodeling Project

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Kitchen+Remodel+-+afterPreparing for A Remodeling Project

When your client begins to think about remodeling their home, it’s easy for both you and them to go overboard, tackle too much, or overspend.  By providing them with some simple remodeling advice you can give your clients a leg up and show your true value as a contractor.  In order to help them through the remodel, you need to be prepared for the project and do your homework beforehand.

5 tips for preparing for a remodeling project

1. Anticipate your budget going over 9 times out of 10

2. Research everything

3. Don’t put off the small things

4. Anticipate problems and delays

5. Higher prices don’t always mean higher quality

Remodeling Tip #1 – Expect to Go Over Budget

A project’s cost exceeds its budget because either (1) the budget was optimistic and not realistic, (2) the changing cost of the evolving design was not monitored or (3) the client’s needs and preferences were not fully articulated before the start of the work.

Understanding the design of the project and design costs can sometimes be a challenge for even the best contractors.  For construction to be done efficiently, most design decisions need to be made in advance of building. If these decisions are made during construction, they can interrupt the work flow and increase its costs. Late design decisions are also more difficult to incorporate into the rest of the design.

Many builders believe they know a good deal about architectural design, but sometimes there is no substitute for a talented and trusted architect.  Architects have the patience to plan and builders have the savvy to improvise; however, improvisation is not a substitute for planning. We plan to achieve predictable results, while we improvise to maintain work progress.

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