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Many choices for rebar removal – bit by bit

Rebar is incredibly important in ensuring that both the compression and the tension in concrete remains equal. These steel bars can be used alone or in a mesh of steel wires as a primary reinforcement to concrete projects. Using a rotary hammer to cut through rebar.

Yet, there comes a time when that rebar you inserted into your dry concrete project must be removed. Not only is there a great chance it’ll rust, but it can also pose a huge safety threat if someone stumbles or falls on it mistakenly. But don’t worry – there are many options for removing it. These can range from bending it, torching it, cutting it by hand, using a rebar bender or using a circular saw. In whatever method you choose, make sure that you’re taking the proper safety precautions, since there are many hazards that arise when attempting to remove it. Snap on some gloves and safety goggles, and along with other further precautions, you should be good to go.


Rebar cutting tools

Rotary hammer used to cut through rebar close-up.

Rebar tools sometimes make the job easier, and if you are looking to cut rebar with the help of a tool, there are many advantages to going this route. LA-Underground.tv describes advantages of using an rotary hammer. Not only is it faster and more precise, but it is less manual labor on your end as well as a safer experience overall. While many hammers can get the job done well, it’s necessary to have the right drill bit to assist you. These drill bits should help you remove it more efficiently and more safely instead of delaying or destroying your whole project. That’s why, while making your choice of drill bits, you should take the time to ensure you’re getting the highest quality and most reliable products on the market.


Rebar bits – carbide tips

SDS-Plus Rebar Cutter used to cut through rebar.

At Bosch, there are three categories of drill bits available to cut through rebar, each containing a wide variety of sizes to suit exactly what you need. All of these bits have carbide

tips, which have an incredible amount of benefits. They typically cost less than solid carbide tips, and their high resistance to wear paired with their durability makes them a great choice when selecting your drill bit. Not only can you get more bang for your buck, but you can feel secure that you’re getting great quality and incredible reliability.

The first type is straight shank cutters. There are over ten different lengths and diameters available, so you can be confident that you’ll be able to cut through any project. It is made to be used only in rotation mode of your drill, not hammer mode. Not only does it last two times longer than drill bits from competitors, but it is faster too.


Rebar cutter – SDS-plus™ bits for rotary hammers

Straight shank rebar cutter used for cutting through rebar.The next type is the SDS-plus cutter. It can also be used in rotation mode with most rotary hammers. This drill bit eliminates the need to have a separate drill. Like the straight shank cutters, this bit comes in over ten different lengths and diameters made to be flexible and durable for any rebar removal you need. And don’t forget the carbide tip to prolong the drill life.

The final category is the straight shank extension. This bit grip keeps the bit stable while in use. Most common rotary hammers can use this while in rotation mode. The high quality of this product assists it to endure tough applications like concrete. Similarly to the SDS-plus cutter, the straight shank extension eliminates the need to have a separate drill.


Rebar cuts – options and more information

The rebar cutter family drillbits used to cut through rebar.

For more information on additional sizes as well as specific product attributes of these rebar cutters, click here.

Although there are many ways to remove rebar, Bosch tools can help with any of your needs. Know that you have options out there in order to stay as safe as possible while still keeping your projects intact. It may be a tough job, but the right tools can make it all the easier!

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  1. Christopher

    Great article. I’m going to have to try the SDS-Plus Cutters on site.
    For most of my work I chip around the rebar, clean with a wire wheel and coat with epoxy. This is only if the rebar is still in decent shape with minimal rust. Normally the water gets into the concrete and rusts the rebar causing pressure and cracks in the concrete. This is called “rust jacking”.

    Would love to see more masonry and concrete articles. Thanks for the post!

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