SPONSOR NEWS: QUIKRETE QUIKChat Connect Concrete Experts to Customers

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Sponsor QUIKRETE® adds responsive QUIKChat channel to answer concrete questions in real-time.

QUIKRETE QUIKChat is the 24 hour answer line for QUIKRETE customers.QUIKRETE QUIKChat is the new 24 hour service designed to answer questions from its customer on-demand.

The QUIKRETE Companies, the leading manufacturer of pre-blended commercial-grade concrete products, recently introduced QUIKChat, a live website customer engagement tool that provides thorough, real-time response to inquiries. Accessible 24-hours a day, seven-days a week on www.QUIKRETE.com, QUIKRETE QUIKChat connects customers with trained professionals, known as agents, who answer their specific product and project questions. According to the live-chat service provider, eight out of 10 customer inquiries are resolved during the initial interaction with an agent.

QUIKRETE QUIKChat features product experts on-call.

“QUIKRETE QUIKChat is designed to help our customers navigate challenges with projects and products through personal interaction with a qualified expert,” said Frank Owens, Vice President Marketing, The QUIKRETE Companies. “By delivering this one-on-one attention, customers are more comfortable and confident in the direction provided by our agents. That along with the real-time nature of most QUIKChat conversations allows us to improve customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal.”

QUIKRETE QUIKChat is the 24 hour answer line for QUIKRETE customersQUIKRETE QUIKChat is your 24 hour resource line.

QUIKRETE QUIKChat is located at the bottom right hand corner of every page on the QUIKRETE website asking visitors if they have any questions. During business hours, customers with questions simply click on QUIKChat bar and enter their name and e-mail address to activate assistance from an agent. During non-business hours, customers can leave a message on QUIKRETE QUIKChat with the assurance an agent will respond as soon as they are back on-duty. QUIKChat will also intuitively offer assistance to visitors navigating the QUIKRETE website for an extended period of time. Visitors that use QUIKRETE QUIKChat are encouraged to share their experience as a training aid for the agents and to help improve the overall customer service experience.

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