Quick Tips on Tool Shop Maintenance

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Protect Your Workshop and Tools

Keeping shop tools maintained and in good working order can be a challenge. Over the years we’ve all been guilty of leaving a damp rag on a bench, or letting rain drops hit our equipment, and even worse leaving coffee cups on top of gorgeous machined surface. Below are a couple tips I’ve learned on keeping your shop tools and workshop maintained.

  • Compressed Air – I always keep a compressed air line accessible for easy clean up. Keep a trigger nozzle on it for quick access and easy application. Compressed air works wonders when trying to keep all the shop surfaces clean.
  • Waste Barrel –  One of the simplest ways to keep the shop cleaned is to always have a waste barrel nearby and empty!
  • Oil – If you use lots of pneumatic tools then frequent oiling will help prevent future break downs.
  • Sharp Blades – Always have sharp blades on. Sharp blades help prevent kickback and other possible safety mishaps.
  • Waxed Surfaces –  Shop equipment like table saws, jointers, drill presses, etc, have large cast-iron surfaces. If left alone, the surfaces can rust and become very rough and pitted. Click here to learn how to remove rust from your cast iron table top and how to apply wax to keep them in tip top shape.

    Cast Iron Router Table Top with Rust   Cast Iron Router Table Top with No More Rust

  • Replace Worn Belts – Shop equipment with belts should also be checked on a regular basis. Check for cracked, stretched and loose conditions. Replace any belt that looks suspicious.
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6 comments on “Quick Tips on Tool Shop Maintenance

  1. Lon

    Bostik Glidecote is a great product for cast iron table tops such as table, jointer and drill press. Protects from rust and makes the surface slick.

  2. Sergey

    Great article! Thanks for good tips that actually make sense. Preventive maintenance is a must if you plan to use your expensive tools and machinery for longer that few months and actually recover your costs!

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