Thom Hunt

Thom Hunt of BBStudios has over 30 years as a professional artist Thom has perfected his talents as a sculptor, painter and designer. Thom Hunt has put together an amazing variety of services that take an artistic approach from concrete design to completion. Hunt understands the need for solid production but doesn’t base the success of his business on how many yearly jobs are completed. That success is based on the solid craftsmanship, intricate design details and the smiles on his client’s faces at project completion.

Hunt’s work has been featured in industry magazines, countless newspapers, periodicals and television shows. His sculptures have been used as props in major motion pictures and can be found in some of the country’s most notable locations, such as the Central Park Children’s Zoo in New York City and Orlando’s theme parks. Hunt’s artistry and skill has taken him to the far reaches of the world and he has an impressive list of clients, including the Prime Minister of Bahrain. Hunt has also completed projects in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, and various locations across the U.S., including Alaska and Puerto Rico.

For more information about Hunt, his work and upcoming training classes, log on to www.BigBambooStudios.com.

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