Micah Williams

Micah Williams has worked in the construction field since high school on and off for over eight years.  He previously worked with independent contractors, built steel building all across the Midwest for two years, and has had over three years experience in building homes.  Micah and his wife currently live and work at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp in Vienna, MO.  He has been the Assistant Manager at the camp for six years.  In the camp’s off-season (November to April) Micah and three other men spend much of their time doing maintenance, remodeling, and new construction at the camp and in their homes.  He loves to incorporate reclaimed materials when remodeling his home and making furniture, both to sell and for his own family’s use.  He enjoys working on remodeling projects as well as spending time with the family, some hunting, and landscaping in his spare time.  Micah and his wife have three children.

Posts by Micah Williams:

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