Jeff Kirk

Jeff is a Red Seal journeyman carpenter in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He completed a 4 1/2 year apprenticeship in 2008.  His work has been focused on high end residential renovation and custom new home construction.  While other carpenters specialize in one specific area, Jeff works form to finish.  He’s works on the jobsite from the insulated concrete forms to framing, siding and deck building, and ultimately to his bread-and-butter work – interior trim.  Jeff has worked in Halifax for five years for Top Sail Projects, Inc., a high-end builder.  When not on the jobsite, you can find him on Be the Pro, Contractor Talk, DIY Chat and as as a moderator on the Old House Web forum.  Like most other construction pros, you can find Jeff in his home-away-from-home in the tool section of his local building supply.

Posts by Jeff Kirk:

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