Gerald Taylor

Gerald Taylor is principal for El Dorado, Ark.-based Images in Concrete, a concrete art design firm. Along with partner Steven Ochs, an art professor at Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, Ark., they specialize in custom freehand concrete engraving and coloring of existing concrete. They use original designs that are created as site-specific works of art to express special attributes of the site, the public or the commissioning body.

Gerald came to concrete art from an unusual path: jewelry design. He initially worked with his wife, Denise Taylor, in her Taylor Jewelry store as a metal engraver and monogram designer. He took a variety of training courses in jewelry design and engraving, including courses from Tilden Swenson, Little Rock, Ark.; Ben Heune, Emporia, Kansas; Swest Jewelry and Forgotstein School for Jewelry Design, Memphis; GES School of Engraving, Emporia, Kansas; and Swest Jewelry Design Workshop, Lake Charles, La.

A longtime do-it-yourselfer and handyman, Gerald later learned that skills in jewelry design carried over to concrete.

“What I really enjoy is working with other artists and collaborating with them,” said Gerald of his concrete work. “That includes crossing over tools and other industrial skills not normally associated with creating concrete floor murals. Along the way, I’ve asked a lot of questions. I’ve been allowed to meet some talented and creative people in business, industrial work and in the field of art.”

Gerald’s concrete art training includes concrete finishing, texturing and staining with Doug Bannister, The Stamp Store, Oklahoma City; polymer cement coatings with Danny Ivers, Concrete Renovation Systems, Columbus, Ind.; acid staining and scoring, Robert Harris, L.M. Scofield Co., Las Vegas; artistry in concrete workshop, Michael Miller & Associates, New Orleans; acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane coatings, Enco Building Materials, Little Rock, Ark.; and the Bob Harris Concrete Institute.

A variety of public art installations highlight Gerald’s experience, including a 200-ft. sidewalk for the Arkansas River Mural, Central Arkansas Library System main campus, Little Rock; World Map, Heifer International world headquarters, Little Rock; Freeman Justice Center, Key West, Fla.; railroad track optical illusion, El Dorado-Wesson Railway, El Dorado, Ark.; and “Backwoods: Art Nouveau Trees” for Backwoods Art Gallery, El Dorado.

Gerald is a frequent presenter and demonstrator at events and conferences around the U.S. Highlights of that list include: presenter, Decorative Concrete Institute, Ga.; demonstrator, World of Concrete Convention, Las Vegas; American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), San Diego; ASCC, St Louis, Mo.

His awards include winning the Concrete Decors Engraving Images in Concrete competition, 2003 sponsored by Concrete Décor magazine; and honoree for the Decorative Concrete Project of the Year, Concrete Construction Magazine, Nov. 2009.

Gerald is a longtime railroad conductor for Union Pacific. He has more than 34 years of service with the company.

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