Ethan Hagan

Ethan Hagan is the primary editor of One Project Closer, a home improvement website loaded with detailed Project Guides, tool reviews, giveaways, industry news and more.

The main focus on OPC are the Pro-Follows, and every Pro-Follow is the result of Ethan shadowing a local, professional contractor on a job site. There’s no better way to learn how to tackle home improvement projects than straight from a knowledgeable contractor, and every Pro-Follow is loaded with tips born out of decades of experience.

One Project Closer puts many new tools in the hands of contractors to get their unique perspective and determine real-life performance. The result are comprehensive, unbiased tool reviews with insider knowledge not available anywhere else on the web.

OPC also brings you coupons and discounts to major home improvement retailers like Lowe’s, Home Depot and AJ Madison. These deals and promo codes are updated weekly by the OPC staff so check them out before making your next major purchase.

If interacting with pro contractors sounds like something you’d enjoy, sign up for OPC email and RSS updates. You can also find OPC on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Posts by Ethan Hagan:

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