Dan Pattison

Dan Pattison is the owner and operator of Fox Hollow Fine Woodworking.  He specializes in custom cabinets, furniture, and interior trim work.  Dan has 13 years experience as a woodworker as well as 6 years experience in the architecture and design field.  He incorporates his experience in architecture into his woodworking business by utilizing the same computer design programs and skills to efficiently produce custom designs.  These designs consist of both construction drawings to build from and presentation renderings for marketing to clients.

Dan has a passion for working with wood that began in Junior High school.  He enjoys working with traditional hand tools when the project permits and using solid wood whenever practical.  Dan has taught seminars on woodworking as well as the use and theory of various hand tools.

Dan lives in scenic Prince Edward Island, Canada.  He designed and built his dream shop there in 2010 which consists of an efficient, well-lit building tailored for woodworking.  When he’s not busy working on projects for clients and running his business Dan enjoys woodworking in his spare time to hone and expand his skills.

Posts by Dan Pattison:

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