Chris Clarry

Chris Clarry works in high-rise restoration.  He started as a roofing laborer in 2002; his job was to bring the shingles to the peaks, do tear-off’s, caps, and assist with shingles on 12/12 roofs. He says that it was this job that started his love for heights. He enjoyed working in the winter with the sun beating down on him; there was a peace and beauty to it.

Chris has worked many different jobs in his career to improve his skills and become a jack-of-all-trades, which paved the way for his restoration work. Only a few months after he was hand-digging around a house for water-proofing, Chris was on his first Skyjack, cherry picker and swing stage chipping brick. The owner of the company said his father taught him how to lay brick and that he would now teach Chris. To this day he has  worked for many companies, always trying to find, learn and practice techniques to improve his trade. Chris says he will never stop learning.

Chris has worked on buildings from two stories up to 54. He has completed many restoration projects including: Blue-Skin, TWF, tuckpointing, brick removal, laying panels, hertitage projects, sealant removal and application, painting, concrete, balcony restoration, Z Bar and years of experience rigging and operating suspended access. He earned certification for suspended access for stage installation, First Aid & CPR, Fraco 10k and all the regulars for the industry. He’s not afraid to try things like climbing towers in the winter and installing cellular equipment to jack hammering concrete on a 14-story balcony. He loves the heights, views and the change in work and location.  Chris has completed a few small jobs on his own and hopes to eventually run a FT business.

He has learned first-hand the importance of being aware of your surroundings. He has not had to use CPR on the jobsite, but his girlfriend had a cardiac arrest and his training saved her life. This taught him the importance of safety education.

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