Brendan Balon

Brendan Balon has worked in all phases of residential building and some light commercial.  He keeps his eyes open to learn best building practices in Canada.  He enjoys final finish work and how it lends to making furniture.  Brendan has built two energy efficient homes while also raising a family.  Out of high school he worked in the orthopaedic field before he became a RN in the operating room and home care.  In 1997 he was asked to work with a local general contractor specializing in ICF foundations and buildings.  Brendan knows that operating your own business is a continual learning process and hopes to gradually transition to easier work as his bones get older.  In his spare time he enjoys boating, fishing and hunting with his wife.  He credits his supportive wife for his ability to continually design and make things better.

Posts by Brendan Balon:

How to Build Concrete Steps

Going from prototype to finished concrete steps to commercial product. My sweet wife and our kids settled into the flat prairies of south Saskatchewan where we live along the Qu’Appelle… Read More

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