Boyd Eckert

Boyd Eckert is a retired rail road worker with 33 years of experience.  He started his career in Nebraska at the young age of 19, and spent the next 12 years in Nebraska before moving to Idaho.  He specialized as a ‘Heavy Equipment Operator’ and worked with machinery ranging from a locomotive crane down to a forklift.  He still enjoys construction work and dabbles in small-scale building when he’s not fighting a disabling back and neck injury.  Boyd has always been very active as a mechanic and machinist.  He loves to work with his hands and still does some fabricating work.  He is a true “Jack of all Trades” and can fix almost anything, but has also managed to master specific skill sets from his years of rail road work.  Before his injuries, Boyd was an avid bowler on the side and hopes to some day start playing again.

Posts by Boyd Eckert:

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