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Job site signs are used by contractors to both identify a job site and to advertise their contractor services to others.  It also helps sub-contractors andJob Site Sign delivery people find the job site address through the visual aid of signage.  I know this because delivery drivers always mention that they look for a sign.

The most popular reason for a job site sign is the belief that people who need similar work done may observe the work being performed, see your sign and then contact you to bid on the potential work.  Hey, if you’re good enough to work at the Jone’s house, why not have you bid on mine?  Right?

Job site signs are also important if you have a high visibility job site or high traffic passing by in an area you’d like to work in.

While I can’t give you any statistics on whether job site signs get you work, I can tell you they help build your brand as well as let people know you’re working in their area.  It also reminds past customers that they need to call you to fix or build whatever they’ve been procrastinating on.

For example, I am currently working on Main Street and received a call from an old client four houses down. She told me that she had wanted to put crown molding in a bedroom for sometime, but kept forgetting to call me. When she saw my job site sign at her neighbor’s house she called.

Using the Main Street example above I now have two job site signs in the same block at the same time, which helps create the appearance that my business has an omnipresence in town.  Last night I was at a cookout and five people told me that  they “see my signs everywhere.”   While I know that is not really true – they do see two signs four houses apart and a third on another street a half mile away – it does give the appearance that I’m busy, have great clientele and I’m working all over the place.

Even if folks do not have work to be done on their home, seeing your name day in and day out will help build that brand and burn into their minds that you do “that type of work;” they may reach out to you at a later date, or even better, refer you to a friend!

Tips on creating a great job site sign:

1. Your business sign should communicate something. What message do you want to get your across?

2. Your business sign should be large enough to read. Consider the speed of local traffic and the placement of your sign.

3. Your business sign should be “short and sweet.”

4.  Place verbiage in your contract that allows you to keep your job site sign on customer property one week prior to the project start and two weeks after project completion.

5.  Place your job site signs where traffic will see them, but don’t obstruct views exiting a street or driveway.  Sometimes the best placement is not for moving traffic but instead is placed for folks “stuck in traffic” or waiting at a traffic light – consider the traffic prior to placement

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