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Participate on BTP – Earn Points!

BTP is not only a great place to learn and share, but also earn points to receive FREE power tools and gear (see the list).  As a member of BTP you can earn points for almost any action on the site.  Click here to register for the Pro Forum and start earning points and winning FREE power tools and gear.

Points for Each Action

Action Points
Write a full-length article (learn more) 10,000*
Write a tool or accessory review (learn more) 5,000
Register for BTP 1,000
Log in (max 25 points per day) 25
Comment on an article (must be approved by BTP staff) 200
Post a reply on an existing forum topic (max  2,000 points per day – resets at approximately 6 p.m. CST) 200
Create a new forum topic (max 1,000 points per day – resets at approximately 6 p.m. CST) 200

Earning Points Notes:

Points are awarded as a way to say thanks to our members for participating and sharing their tool and construction knowledge.  We reserve the right to delete points if a member abuses the system by repeating an action without providing any value to the community.  If a comment/post/reply is deleted by a staff member or moderator, the member will lose the points they previously earned for that action.   Read the forum rules to see what type of posts aren’t allowed. Click here to read more in the Forums Terms of Use and Rules.

Daily Points Cap: 2000 points per day.

  • Members can earn up to 2000 points per day for activities such as Registering (one time points award), Logging In (25 points per day max), Commenting on an article, Posting a Reply to an existing forum topic and creating a new forum topic (max of 5 new topics daily for a max of 1000 points for this activity).  Any combination of activities that results in 2000 points or less will be applied to both Lifetime and Redeemable points totals.  Anything over the 2000 points per day cap will be accrued in Lifetime points but will not be reflected in a member’s Redeemable Points.
  • If a user submits a full length article or writes a tool or accessory review, the BeThePro.com staff will review and either approve or reject the submission and will assign points as appropriate (see above).  Writing articles and/or reviews falls outside of the 2000 daily max points cap.  Simply put, even if you submit an article or a tool/gear review a member can still earn 2000 points a day toward their Redeemable points.
  • To learn more about writing content and getting bonus points for that content, see here.

Lifetime and Redeemable Points

  • Lifetime Points are the total number of points a member has earned since the day they registered for the site.  These will be displayed in a user’s profile as well as under their nickname when they post a new topic or comment on posts.
  • Redeemable Points are the number of points a member can redeem for tools, gear and accessories.  There is a 500,000 point limit for Redeemable Points.  Simply put, if a member reaches 500,000 Redeemable Points they MUST redeem or donate points in order to accrue any further redeemable points.  Lifetime points will still accrue, but until the member has redeemed points to reduce their Redeemable Points total below 500,000 points they will not be able to accrue Redeemable Points for use on the site.
  • MEMBER TIP: Redeem points well before you reach 500,000 to ensure that you are always earning redeemable points.

Redeeming Points

  • To redeem points, simply send an email to points@bethepro.com with the following information.
    • Your name, username, phone number and email.
    • The reward model number/product description you would like to redeem points for (see list of Rewards here)
    • The Mailing address you would like to have your Reward sent to.
  • Once we receive your request and verify your Redeemable Points total, we will notify you that your Redeemable Points total has been reduced by the amount of the Reward Points to be applied to your redemption.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation with your delivery tracking number.

If you email us during the week, we’ll try to respond in less than 24 hours (however there may be times when we can’t respond in 24 hours, so we appreciate your patience).  Note: There may be times that a certain product is currently unavailable and may not be for a few days, weeks or even months.  And unfortunately, a product may be removed without prior notice or it’s points cost increase.  We ask in advance for your understanding and patience.  Our sponsors are generously giving away many products because they believe in the site and what we do, however in exchange we also want to give them flexibility to change point costs and products offered.  Click here to read more in the Forums Terms of Use and Rules.

Bonus Points for Reviews

If you want to write a review for bonus points, you will need to read the guidelines for that here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding points or want to redeem points, please send an email to points@bethepro.com and we will make sure to answer you promptly.

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