Power Tool Storage Ideas – How to Protect Your Investment

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Power Tool Storage Ideas

Power Tool Storage Ideas

All pros know that tools are an investment, but many don’t realize how simple it can be to protect their tools – all you need is proper power tool storage. Remodeling and construction job sites are busy, hectic arenas, with tools and equipment everywhere. However, contractors many times overlook the “tools that protect the tools” and their need for power tool storage.  They’re just too darn busy to properly organizing and securing their valuable tools and equipment.

Why Power Tool Storage is Important

Research has shown that the key to becoming better organized on the job site is with modular organizers – fancy words for power tool storage. Modular organizers are designed to allow for better and more secure storage, better organization and easier mobility.

We’ve also learned that organization is key to being productive at work. Contractors use only 33% of their time on the job site working. The rest of that time is spent on tasks such as material runs, un-planned demands and interruptions, searching for tools and parts and running errands.

I personally saw how I lacked proper power tool storage so I converted my trailer to better store my tools with the Bosch Click and Go System (click here to read more here). I completely revamped my 6’ x 10’ tool trailer to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the Click and Go System’s power tool storage.  I called it my “tool trailer make-over” or “pimping my trailer” – it was a large endeavor and took some work, but I believe it was worth it.  See for yourself and let me know what you think.

How to Think About Power Tool Storage

  • How many times did you go back to the truck or trailer for a tool?
  • Was the accessory with your tool?
  • Did you search through your truck for a bit, blade or accessory?
  • How do you store parts and fasteners?
  • Do you have a storage management of smaller accessories?
  • Do you store task-specific parts, tool or accessories together?
  • Do you have a system to get multiple tools and accessories into a job in one trip?
  • Where are your “time sinks” when it comes to tool storage, set up and clean up?

Ideal Power Tool Storage Systems Features

  • One-handed access
  • Mobility
  • Customizable label inserts
  • Strack-able
  • Impact and weather-resistant
  • Inter-locking latch system
  • Transportable (preferrably with wheels)
  • Uniform footprint
  • Multiple sizes for different applications
  • Casters and integrated stair climbing strips
  • Adjustable straps to keep in place on rough terrain

Read the rest of my article on power tool storage ideas.

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Pictures Showing Power Tool Storage Ideas

Pictures from BTP and AConcordCarpenter.com

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Robert Robillard is the editor of the blog, A Concord Carpenter, Assistant Editor of Tool Box Buzz and principal of a carpentry and renovation business located in Concord, Massachusetts. Rob hosts the Concord Carpenter... Read more

22 comments on “Power Tool Storage Ideas – How to Protect Your Investment

  1. John S

    This is a great synopsis of the benefits of a tool storage system and the pics Rob has provided are a gold mine for ideas of what to do with them / how to best utilize them!

  2. Boyd

    Very impressive Rob, It’s really hard to get that exact organization that works best for my needs and this helps with all the ideas and pics. Thanks

  3. Chris

    I really like the video too. I have a small collection (1- lboxx 2, 2 – lboxx 1 and 3 – lboxx 1a. I also have several Tanos / Festool boxes. Love both types. I’m going to convert one of my 1a boxes to a first aid kit.

  4. Sven

    That was a great wealth of information for those on the edge of a “tools that protect tools” decisions. I hope that if there are individuals out there thinking about upgrading their bins and buckets, that this helps them move forward.

  5. Brad

    Neat to see some of my own l boxxes in the pics from BTP. I continue to grow and change my storage needs and look forward to adding more l boxxes. Rob is correct, once you make the commitment the time savings are huge.

    1. Ed

      This is well needed, thanks. Received a L-Boxx 1 mad an L-Boxx combo with the 12 volt drill. Have been playing around with the idea of getting a few more, this has definitely helped persuade me to get more.

  6. Andrew

    This was a great article. It has been an obsession of mine recently. We emptied our entire van and started over for organization. I find clients are impressed by a clean, organized vehicle. Also I tend to put things where they belong when we are more organized which saves time over the long run.

  7. Chris

    I agree, it says a lot about a man when his work truck is all set up and tidy.
    Any locking bin system is great when they all work together. It looks nice and makes it gives customers the since that you are going to take care of their property cause you spent a good deal of time and $ taking care of your tools.

  8. Ryan

    Love the Bosch fastener boxs I have a couple full of screws and love having everything so organized instead of in the paper bags from the hardware store.

  9. Steven

    Great article! It really ours it into perspective of the wasted time I’ve spent setting up and breaking down the job site each day. For the past month I’ve been telling myself that I need to organize my tools better to speed that up and get more done each day, which would result in more profit.

    I’ve been debating on which system to go with and while I’ve liked Bosch when looking at them this article is certainly pushing me towards them.

  10. ToolGuyd

    I have grown to really like L-Boxxes, and have over 80 units in use right now. Plus a tall stack composed of L-Rack components with mostly i-Boxxes and removable bins for small parts.

    Look for the image of the black wire shelving rack (with Stuart the Minion plush) above (funny, I don’t remember submitting it to BTP) and in higher resolution in my review of the system here – http://toolguyd.com/bosch-l-boxx-tool-storage-system-review/ . A SysPort-like L-Boxx dock would be ideal, but the shelving works reasonably well. Most of my L-Boxxes are in storage room in the form of dolly-mobile stacks, some are in the field. The L-Boxxes allow for far easier storage and back-and-forth transport of tools & equipment.

    Just a few L-Boxxes didn’t quite do it for me, so I went all-out.

    I also use Dewalt ToughSystem and Festool Systainer organizers (comparison here: http://toolguyd.com/best-modular-tool-box-system/), and the L-Boxxes fit in between the two competing products.

    Tip: If you can, wait until Father’s Day or Christmas shopping seasons to stock up on L-Boxxes. I bought most of my L-Boxxes and L-Rack shelves during $20 off $100 promo seasons, and last May, for a short time, Amazon took $20 AND $25 discounts off $100 Bosch orders, essentially creating $45 off $100 savings. (And that’s when and how my L-Boxx collection doubled.)

    Zoro Tools (a Grainger company) also started carrying L-Boxxes. They have 20% – 30% discounts every so often, which could help soften the expense of buying into the system for the first time.

  11. JoeCanning

    This is a topic that I am currently beat myself over. Since I’ve sold my trailer I have been thinking of ways to load my truck and still have a sort of organization. I have worked with a trailer for so long now I feel a little frustrated and lost. I haven’t pulled the trigger on any of the box systems yet because I find likes and dislikes with all that are available. Now I am not sure if this is just me being picky. If anyone has any pics of their trucks with their favorite brand of storage it would be appreciated.

  12. Bob

    Great reviews, I’m currently debating which way to go with tool organisation especially transportation. Cost is currently a little prohibitive but I’m sure there will be some deals soon, looking forward to loosing my old traditional tool boxes, OK for around the house but not at a customers premises.


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