Who Owns Which Power Tool Brands?

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A new article from PressureWashr.com unravels the mystery of which power tool brands are owned by who on a global scale.

Who owns which Power Tools Brands inforgraphic from PressureWashr.comEver wondered who owns which power tool brands?  So did PressureWashr.com.  And they did something about it.  This post explains the complex relationships that exist in the hand and power tools industry.  They have released two excellent infographics that detail how much revenue the global power tool giants make as well as a who owns who infographic.

The report states, “The findings show the tool industry is mature and highly consolidated. Two companies: Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and Robert Bosch GmbH sit at the top of the tool industry controlling 26% of the global market. They have gained this much control by aggressively acquiring the best most trusted tool brands. It is surprising to find out who owns and who makes well-known brands like Milwaukee, Ridgid, DeWALT and Craftsman.”

Global hand and power tool market valued at $51B

The report goes on to further estimate the total 2017 global market size for hand and power tools to be $51B ($US).  Of that number hand tools accounts for $18B and power tools at $33B.

Making up the bulk of this global power tool market number are four top players:

  • Stanley Black & Decker Inc. has about 14% with $7.14B in sales
  • Bosch has a 12.2% share with sales of $6.6B
  • Fortive (spun off of Danaher and owner of Tektronix and Matco Tools) has an 11.8% of share with $6B in sales
  • Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTi) owner of Milwaukee & Ryobi has a 9.88% share on sales of $5.04B

The report has a great number of links to explore the multitude of players in the global tool market.  It evens has links to the most popular power tool brands by state, determined by number of tool brand related searches in each state.

Fun reading for those who want to be in the know about power tool brands manufacturers.

Read PressureWashr.com’s complete report here.


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20 comments on “Who Owns Which Power Tool Brands?

  1. Eric

    That’s very interesting, although I do wish there was some way to point out that the Orange Ridgid tools found at Home Depot are made by TTI with the brand licensed from Hitachi, so not the same company as the Ridgid plumbing tools.

    Also would like to see Chevon group start showing up, since they now own Skil and Ego among a few others.

  2. Alex

    Awesome article about all the different relationships and global sales.
    Some I personally never heard or seen before and then on the other hand I had no clue that some brands are ran by the same company.

  3. Brian

    Nice article , I did not realize Bosch had that big of a hold/share ,
    it would be nice if they could add some cordless tools to the selection they have now , might be able to grab a few more percentage points ,
    i know and see some other manufactures the red and green plus dewalt coming out with some great additional cordless tools in the line ups . will be looking forward to see how they tend to battle for more shares .
    great article , thanks for posting

  4. Kurt

    I also did not realize that Bosch had the share they do, I guess they just do not have the penetration in the US that they do elsewhere. It was not surprising to see SB&D at the top.

    If you go the link for the report Chevon shows up in 12th place with sales of 630 Mil.

    I also find it interesting that out of the whole list, Makita is the only company with a single brand.

  5. Benjamin

    Very interesting I was surprised Stanley owns DeWalt and a few others. Been fully aware of Bosch being a more dominant company in the overall global market. THe US is only 12% of their revenue world wide, though I didn’t realize they had 26% of the market overall. Very cool I could refer back to this a few times!

    1. Annie Hsu

      Can someone please answer why STIHL is not on the top 11 money makers list? and what parent company is “Toro” belongs to? Appreciate it!

    2. Kurt

      Best I could find, Stihl has sales of about 2.3 billion euros, but their category of more lawn and landscape maintenance tools would be a slightly different category.

      As for Toro, they are a stand alone company based in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. They trade on the NYSE under the symbol TTC

  6. Monteith

    Great article! Looks well researched and hope they continue to update those graphics as more of the industry consolodates.

  7. Alex

    Thats pretty interesting. I would have assumed that TTI would have a bigger portion of the market. Not too surprising that Stanley Black & Decker was at the top.

    1. Benjamin

      Bosch still stands behind Skilsaw in the USA they’ve told me. Chevron has a better world market distribution or something to that effect. Believe they manufacture the battery components for the Core 18V and it’s some sort of a partnership compensation.

  8. Alisha

    I was so shocked that Stanley also ownsend deWalt and others man that’s insane, they sell so much stuff, thanks these tools are quality and very much needed in our community

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