No MacGyver moves when you use the “Oscillating Interface System.”

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Have you ever felt like MacGyver on the jobsite rigging up some solution for a part of a project that has you in a bind?

I’ve done lots of remodeling projects where I had to pull something off the wall without damaging it. Traditionally, I would cut the caulk line if it had one and then try a small pry bar, all the while hoping that the piece wouldn’t split because of a nail near the end. Now I just reach for my oscillating multi-tool and cut off any stubborn nails.

Oscillating multi-tools

They are great because you can do thousands of jobs with them, and I love how there are so many accessories, that I seem to find new uses for them every day. Do you need to remove the silicone and epoxy from an under mount sink? No problem. Removing caulk and trim for some new replacement windows? No problem. Stubborn return on a custom crown molding that has to be saved? No problem. All these are faster and easier with an oscillating multi-tool.

It’s been my experience that Bosch makes a lot of great blades.

I first discovered this with their t-shank jigsaw blades, and their oscillating blades live up to that reputation. They developed an industry standard called the Oscillating Interface System, or OIS. Now they have a new OIS adapter that makes their blades fit on any oscillating multi-tool out there.

I like OIS because it’s a 12 pin system and can handle the torque on heavy duty applications. Better yet, I don’t have to wait for mail order or run across town to find the one local store that carries specialty blades that fit my tool. You wouldn’t want to buy a circ saw that only took a special kind of blade would you? So now no worries, because with the adapter, these blades are easy to find, work with all tools, and they don’t cost as much as the expensive blades either. Pick yourself up a multi-tool and get the Bosch OIS adapter and you’ll be thinking up new solutions to your problems.


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