New SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER Available on Rewards List

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The Skilsaw Magnesium Sidewinder model SPT67WM. Lightweight with legendary performance.7-1/4 in. Magnesium SPT67WM-22 SKILSAW® SIDEWINDER™ with Diablo® Carbide Blade Now Available on Rewards List – Limited Quantities.

The 7-1/4 in. SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER with Carbide Diablo blade is now available as a Rewards Points item on the Rewards List. Only 5 of these beautiful and rugged saws are being made available by our sponsor SKILSAW.

As one of the lightest saws SKILSAW has ever produced, the Magnesium SIDEWINDER incorporates cutting edge materials with its heritage of being the leader in circular saws for construction professionals.

SKILSAW has generously agreed to make 5 of these saws available every month for points redemption.

Check out the specs on the SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER below:

  • 7-1/4 in. all-magnesium saw; magnesium motor housing stabilizes drive train for longer life
  • Best-in-class torque improves productivity and speed of cut
  • Dual-Field motor is especially designed for saws—increases cooling and extends tool life
  • Stay True™ Guarantee: 180-day money-back guarantee plus one-year limited warranty
  • Dust blower clears the line of cut for increased accuracy

The official model number is SPT67WM-22. The 7-1/4 in. SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER comes equipped with a 24-tooth Diablo carbide blade and multi-function wrench stored in the foot. So forget about throwing away the blade, this is a Diablo Carbide blade that will rip and cut like a piranha.

Skilsaw Magnesium Sidewinder model SPT67WM - dual field motor - a Skilsaw exclusive.Here’s what WoodworkersJournal.com has to say about the new SIDEWINDER line “SIDEWINDER™s, are built on the same motor technology that SKILSAW uses in its venerable worm-drive saws. Instead of a typical copper winding around the motor’s armature, SKILSAW is equipping the 7-1/4-in. SIDEWINDERs with Dual-Field™ motors. Their unique copper winding pattern increases the surface area of the wire. That allows the motor to run cooler which, in turn, provides more torque and longer overall life.”

So the next time you are considering what you want to redeem your points for, make sure you consider the 7-¼ in. SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER. But you’ll want to order quickly as we see our monthly allotment of only 5 of these beauties going fast every month.

And of course, we always want to hear from you and your take on how this tool performs on the job. So if you redeem for this, make sure to give it your rating and review on www.SKILSAW.com.

Skilsaw Magnesium Sidewinder model SPT67WM

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8 comments on “New SKILSAW Magnesium SIDEWINDER Available on Rewards List

    1. BeThePro Staff Post author

      Just to be clear, it is SKILSAW not Skil that has been so generous. The Skil brand is more focused on the DIY’er while SKILSAW is geared more towards the rigors that professional contractors put their circ saws through. I am looking forward to seeing some great usage reviews from those who redeem.


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