The New Mod Squad – BeThePro.com construction forum welcomes new Moderators

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Pro Contractor Members are the backbone of the forum.

modsquadtoplogoIt may not be obvious to the newcomer to our pro construction forum, but long time BethePro.com community members know that BTP is more than just a place to hang out and get advice from time to time. The site is a pro contractor’s forum that exemplifies the brotherhood of tradesmen and women. This community of professional tradespeople is the 2nd most active construction forum on the net with only a fraction of the members of some larger contractor communities. That speaks volumes to the active discussions and transfer of knowledge that BeThePro stands for.

Today we want to welcome a few new Moderators to our ranks. The Moderator is a major driver of a communities‘ success. Not only do they welcome new members and help them learn the ropes, but they are all professional contractors and tradespeople who understand the long hours and commitment to providing professional workmanship in their daily trades. We have tried to choose Mod’s that can not only share their knowledge, but also act as gatekeepers of our pro construction forum communities‘ integrity.

BeThePro.com is unique for many reasons but probably the most attractive feature to the un-annointed is the tool rewards system. To date the site has bestowed on its faithful members well over $50,000 in tools and gear to it’s members. Few other contractor forum sites have the model of rewarding professional contractors, remodellers and tradespeople, as well as a number of fervent and fanatical DIY’ers, for their dedication to sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Points aren’t the point

But with this model also comes the possibility that some members may only be in it for the points. There are always a few that may not „get it“ –  that this site survives solely on the level of true content and sharing of hard learned (and earned) experience. This is where the Moderators of BeThePro.com have a parting of the ways with most other pro construction forums. The Mod’s here at BTP help to guide members so they are moving the entire community forward and not mired in points mongering.  It is a delicate balance as new members may come with that intent, but soon find that the content generated here by the community is real and the discussions demand that you either „put up or shut up“. Just like on the jobsite. Except that it‘s online and you are free to imbibe your favorite beverage while your on this “job” site.

So with that introduction I want to introduce our three newest Mod’s as well as give a tip of the hat to Supimeister who recently stepped down from the Mod position to devote more time to his studies and family. Our three newest mods are:

MozeMOZE: Hailing from Dallas, Moze is our resident sign guy. From the manufacture to installation, creativity is Moze’s strong suit. He has been active on the site since Jan. Of 2014. He is the owner and operator of Precision Sign Services (http://precisionsignservices.com/) and has and amazing body of work for clients. Make sure to check out his site and the amazing things he does with metal, wood and stone.

Chad McDadeChadM: Chad McDade is the owner of Housewright Construction. His company performs residential remodeling, new construction, and the occasional custom woodworking project. Chad specializes in trim carpentry, but performs work from the ground up. He can be seen on the job site pouring footers, stick building roofs, and almost anything in between. Chad comes from several generations of craftsmen and has worked in the building trades for over 20 years. In addition to residential construction, Chad has also spent some time as a project manager for a semi-national disaster restoration and commercial construction firm.  In his spare time Chad enjoys to hunt, fish, golf and read. You can see more of chad’s work here: http://www.yourhousewright.com

brad-thedude306thedude306: Better known as Brad Taylor. He has been a member since Jan 2014 and hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. We have a vibrant Canadian brotherhood and Brad has done a great job on bringing in new members from the North, Brad is an ardent tool reviewer as well as a constant site contributor.


In addition to our new Mod squad members, here are all the Moderators on the site with links to their profiles.

dabbsDabbs: Boyd Eckert is a retired rail road worker with 33 years of experience. Operating heavy equipment every day as well as supplying creative solutions on how to build and construct with the railroad as his backdrop has helped Boyd gain an appreciation for tools as well as the tradespeople who use the,  Check out his licence plate – BTHEPRO – must be easy to get custom plates in Idaho (see Moze’s pic).  Boyd started his career in Nebraska at the young age of 19, and spent the next 12 years in Nebraska before moving to Idaho…Read more

Construction Forum Members - Dan PattisonWoodman_412: Dan just recently returned to the site after a long hiatus to deal with his daughter’s illness. While she is still not out of the woods, she is doing better and Dan has been much more active lately as his time between running a successful business And spending time with his daughter. Dan Pattison is the owner and operator of Fox Hollow Fine Woodworking. He specializes in custom cabinets, furniture, and interior trim work. Dan has 13 years experience as a woodworker..Read more

Jeff Kirkjkirk: Jeff Kirk is a Red Seal journeyman carpenter in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He completed a 4-1/2 year apprenticeship in 2008. His work has been focused on high end residential renovation and custom new home construction…Read more



Jim-Huntleyjim_hunt17: Jim Huntley has worked in property management and maintenance for seven years with a residential condominium associations. He is a handyman by profession and most of what Jim has learned is from working with his father while growing up….Read more

mike-voltageMKE_Voltage: Jason Larcheid is a hybrid tradesman with experience as an electrician and project manager. As an electrician Jason has extensive experience in residential wiring and low voltage. He has also spent significant time…Read more


Brian CousinsBrian Cousins is the owner of Northern Environmental contracting. Brian has been in business for himself for the past 5 years. Northern Environmental Contracting works in all phases of construction services from framing to…Read more


A hat’s off to all of our Pro contractors that make the BeThePro forum such a success. We are pleased to welcome our new Moderators as they accept their expanded role in the community.

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25 comments on “The New Mod Squad – BeThePro.com construction forum welcomes new Moderators

  1. Eric

    Congratulations to the new Moderators! In the short time I’ve been here I’ve gotten to know you guys and I’m glad to see you guys taking over the job. I know you will do a good job.

  2. Chris

    Great article! It’s nice to see who is moderating the site being a new member. Also congratulations to Moze, ChadM and Brad! You guys have been inspirational in helping me with my projects.

  3. Charles

    Congrats to all the new Mods ! It’s nice to see BTP continue to move forward. I can’t think of a better place to hang out, share, learn or just chit chat with a great bunch of guys.

  4. Boyd

    I’d like to extend a big ‘Welcome aboard’ to my three new Mod teammates Chad Brad and Moze. I’m looking forward to working with all of you

  5. Moze

    Thanks everyone!

    I thought Jim asked if I wanted to be a money maker and I said yes. He swears he said moderator. So I guess now I’m a moderator.


  6. Brad

    Thanks all. One of the greatest things about BTP is its members. Without all of you this place wouldn’t be what it is today. I look forward to making this the best place on the web to get tool reviews, find answers to your construction questions and to just hang out!

  7. Dirty

    Big congrat to Moze, Brad and Chad,,,oh and the new guy Brian.
    It look as tho Dabbs has been really on top of everything and now with more help this site is ready for more growth.

  8. Chad

    I am glad to have the opportunity to be a mod on BTP. To say that I am addicted to this forum is an understatement…lol. So I am glad to do what I can to help out.

  9. Ed

    Think the choices for the new Mods is a well thought out choice that will benefit all and add to the Mods that have been here. John S, you handle things well and thanks for what you offer to the site

  10. Jim

    I am still here..I have been checking in periodically and keeping up to date with what you guys are up to. Looks like a lot of fun and interesting stuff happening. I will try to be back on more often and start contributing, a 5 month old makes that tough 🙂

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