New Keen Utility Work Boots at World of Concrete 2017

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The new lineup from Keen Utility Work Boots will keep your feet happy!

New Keen Utility Work Boots - LogoThe new Keen Utility Work Boots lineup was on display at World of Concrete 2017.  Breanna from Keen Utility was kind enough to walk us through several of their top models.  Keen Utility is a long time sponsor of BeThePro.com and many of our members have redeemed for their superior work boots.

The new Keen Utility Work Boots employ the same outstanding craftsmanship that Keen Utility is well known for.  Innovations such as assymetrical steel toes that are more comfortable than the one-size-fits-all steel toe that ALL other manufacturer’s have.  They also take extra care when layering their soles to include comfort features that other work boots costing more simply leave out.

Here are the new Keen Utility Work Boots we saw at WOC2017.

The Men’s Davenport Mid Al Waterproof All Leather work boot

The Davenport Mid Al leather work boot features a composite toe and non-metallic construction to lighten them up, while the slip-resistant sole keeps your feet firmly planted.  They also feature KEEN.dry, a proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in. 


The Men’s Asheville AT ESD Work Shoe

The Asheville AT ESD is one of the new Keen Utility Work Boots that doesn’t look like a work boot.  But don’t let appearances fool you.  This is one tough work shoe complete with lightweight asymmetrical aluminum toes, an oil resistant outer sole and has static dissipative qualities.  And it comes in Nay, Red or Black.  We really liked the bungee type shoelaces.


Keen Men’s Raleigh AT work shoe

Another new Keen Utility Work Boots is the Raleigh AT.  This is a low rise work shoe that combines comfort, durability and light weight in an all around jobsite performer.  It has an aluminum toe.  Styled like a sneaker and designed for lighter duty applications, The Raleigh AT features a oil and slip resistant non-marking rubber outsole that provides a sure grip on most surfaces. Reflective tabs on the toe and heel add visibility.  A bungee cord system replaces traditional laces.


The Mt. Vernon now comes in all black

Made in Portland, OR, the Mt Vernon steel toe is a mainstay in the Keen Utility Boots line.  American built and now with a new look for 2017.  It comes in a black on black leather version now in addition to the regular Brown and Wheat colors. The Mt Vernon has all the features you expect such as Mark II Slip resistant soles which as waterproof and oil resistant.  The real benefit is when you have them on your feet thanks to the shock-absorbing midsole which provides all day comfort and support.


Have two left feet? Buy another brand.

The asymmetrical steel toe that you will only find in Keen Utility Boots is unique.  You see, all the other brands believe you have two left feet, or at least they treat their boots that way.  You see at Keen they believe that to be truly comfortable a steel toe should curve with the way your foot curves.  This makes a huge difference when you are putting a boot through its paces and are bearing down on the toe.  With asymmetrical steel and aluminum toes, your feet are in the position that they were meant to be and not crammed into a space that isn’t conducive to comfort.  It’s the little things that make KEEN Utility different.


My own Keen Utility Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boots

I got sick and tired of reading about Keen so I decided to grab a pair of my own Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boots.  I really like the mid style as it gives enough ankle support but isn’t binding like other taller boots can be.  Below you can see my unboxing video I did a few months back.  Since then I have logged many miles and been on several jobsites and can tell you that I wear these even when I am not working.  Granted they are a little on the hefty side, but I like that.  You need a bit of heft in a work boot to really hold up to abuse.  They are indeed one of the most comfortable shoes (not just work boots) I own.  I wear them for hiking as well as fishing.  They are waterproof, as I can attest.  I regularly stand in 6 inches of water to get closer to the fish and I have bone dry feet every time.  The grip is also pretty amazing.  I used to wear just gym shoes, but now find myself wearing these way more often and unlike other work boots I own, I enjoy wearing these.  Thanks to Keen for being a terrific sponsor and for making some of the finest work boots on the planet…

New Keen Utility Work Boots Detroit Mid Steel Toe        New Keen Utility Work Boots Detroit Mid Steel Toe      

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8 comments on “New Keen Utility Work Boots at World of Concrete 2017

  1. Lon

    I like the look and features of the Raleigh AT. It is time for some new work shoes for the shop and that may fit the bill. Thanks for the update Keen and BTP.

  2. robotmaster5379

    I have seen others talk about Keen on the forum before, but with these up close videos, I definitely want to check these out immediately. The Raleigh AT looks great, but I am not sure how to feel about the bungee laces.

    1. Robin

      The Raleigh and Asheville both come with bungee laces and also regular laces. The bungee laces are nice because you can more easily slip in and out of them quickly, if needed.

  3. Alex

    Great and informative videos about the new keen shoes and boots.
    I own 3 Keen’s myself and love every single one of it. Once you have one pair you will definitely purchase more or just stick with that brand.

  4. Benjamin

    Just bought my 1st pair of Keen’s! Been wearing DeWalts, Timberland Pro’s mostly the last couple years. Recently I discoverd Merrills and they make and 11.5 Extra Wide which is perfect! Most other comapanies I wear a 12 though they are sometimes too narrow. My new Keens oddly are a 13 size but fit amazingly, foot comfort on the jobsite is always an essential. Never can seem to own enough boots…I’m certain more Keen’s are now in my future!

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