How to Get Referrals from Past Customers

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You live and die on referrals

In this economy of bankruptcy and unemployment it’s been very difficult finding new remodeling clients.  It’s also not the time to sit back and wait for the phone to ring.  Whether you’re a carpenter or an architect, the principles are the same: existing clients are a great source of repeated work, but not a good source for referrals.

Referrals from Past Customers

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The need to maintain relationships with past clients

Past clients know you and your work, you know them, and if you’ve done a good job, you have instant credibility.  The most important thing about the relationship with past customers is the trust.  They will often call and ask, “when can you do this…” without wanting or needing to go through a three-bid-process, hours of researching and typing a proposal, subsequent meetings, etc.  This benefits me because time saved is money earned.

However, even though past customers provide repeat work, it is even better if they help you with referrals.  The difficult challenge, as contractors, is that our existing clients don’t think of us every day, and as a result they aren’t our best chance for a referral to new clients.

To change this we need to focus on maintaining face time with past clients.

How to get more face time with past customers
  •  Emailing clients:
  •  Thank you / Gift cards:
  •  Mailing cards:
  •  Handyman and maintenance work:
  •  Target Other Contractors:

Read more on how I used these tactics to increase face time and my business.

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