New Bosch Multi-Tool Blades Offer Less Vibration

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Fast-cutting blades are ready for everything from hardwood to general-purpose applications thanks to curved precision-tip design.

Bosch OSC114F OMT Blade

New Bosch Precision Tip oscillating tool blades offer two advantages over conventional blades: The curvature of a precision tip delivers better debris removal and greater metal thickness at the interface provides increased vibration control.  And less vibration is good.

The blades include the OSC114F bi-metal for wood, metal and other general-purpose applications; OSC114 high-carbon steel for wood cutting; and the OSC114JF, a Japanese-tooth blade designed for fast, smooth cuts in wood and hardwood.  Typical applications for these blades include notches, plunge cuts and cutoffs.  Bosch also recently released their carbide tip multi-tool blade for 30x longer life in metal.

“This new blade design offers cleaner surface cuts and more precise straight plunge cuts,” said Luca Pugina, group product manager for oscillating tool blades, Bosch-North America, accessories.  “The value to the end user is greater control and accuracy where the accessory meets the work piece.”

In addition to the new blade design, Bosch Precision Tip blades feature a thicker interface bracket, 1.25mm of steel versus 1mm for a conventional blade.  This 25 percent increase in thickness reduces vibration and takes the guess work out of making precise cuts.  And the blades are tapered for even more vibration control; less material, less vibration and more efficient debris removal.

And Bosch Precision Tip multi-tool blades offer the advantages of Bosch’s Oscillating Interface System (OIS™). OIS maintains the 12-pin structure of the company’s first multi-tool interface, but can be used on every professional brand of multi-tool without the need for an adapter.

Watch how the new Bosch OSC114F multi tool blade stacks up against the competition.  The Bosch blade performs twice as fast as the second best competitor blade.  See for yourself why Canadian Woodworking, Tool Reviews, and Fine Homebuilding rave about the OSC114F multi tool blade.

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14 comments on “New Bosch Multi-Tool Blades Offer Less Vibration

  1. mark

    These blades are fast and efficient performers. The things I’ve cut with them would have dulled 2 other blades, and mine are still sharp. I can’t brag enough about them.

    1. John S

      That is one of the things I was most impressed by these blades. They simply didn’t leave burn marks. And that is really, really awesome. Cut too fast to get hot enough to, I suppose 🙂

    1. Jon

      Yes the Bosch blade will fit the Makita Oscillating tool. Both Makita and Bosch use the OIS standard for oscillatiing type blades.

  2. Wayne

    Don’t have one yet but I’ll be watching for them in our local store or on-line. Cutting off tubing when/where you can’t use a hacksaw or swing a tube cutter…

  3. Simon

    will they work or fein or do we need a addaptor? What speed setting’s were the tools set on?

    I do find that sometimes the Fein will work better on a lower speed with steel.

    1. Joe Sainz

      These new blades will work on the Fein tool without an adapter. The tool was set to full speed for the video – My experience with these blades is that they can last longer at a slower speed, but the cut will take longer too.

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