Multi construction drill bit/hole saw combo does it all!

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I’ve talked with a lot of people who’ve had more trouble than they should drilling a hole for a dryer vent. Ideally, you would only have to drill through a rim joist, maybe some foam and siding. But how often is our job ideal?

Once I needed a dryer vent to run though wall tile, tile backer board, exterior sheeting and a layer of brick. Oh, and it was 15 feet up outside the building. Traditionally, this is a daunting task that requires many drill bits and lots of time. Now I can grab one long 1/8” to ¼” Bosch Multi Construction bit from my bag and drill a pilot hole through all of the materials. I follow that step with a 4 1/8” multi-construction carbide-tipped hole saw applied through both sides. In the old days, I would purchase or rent a diamond core rig, and either set up scaffolding or spend an eternity on a ladder. I’d use a standard 1/8” bit to drill a series of small holes around the outer edge of my hole diagram; I’d keep drilling until it was safe to break out all of the materials in the hole. I’ve tried to cut a 4 1/8” hole with a diamond blade as well and found they don’t cut a round circle well or very deep. Here’s the tip: Look closely at a hole saw before purchase. Does it have diamond-ground carbide teeth? Does it offer plenty of debris clearance? How about ease and speed of bit change? I’ve seen some hole saws with large gullets and big teeth that look like a Bosch Multi Construction hole saw, but end up being for wood use only. And the Bosch quick-change hole saw system allows you to alternate between various sizes and types of pilot bits or hole saws without the need for a wrench or an Allen key. I carry the Bosch Multi Construction hole saw in my tool bag because it makes my job easier, no matter what material I need to drill through. It’s great for cleaning out plugs, too. Remember, better accessories mean better results at the jobsite.


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