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    I used a space heater in the garage but the utility guy said it wasnt that plus it’s on a different breaker from what he told me.. now for there being a short if it spiked my kwh and hour wouldn’t I have smelled that .. I’m taking the recepts and switched apart to measure current and see if switches still have current in of position.. The house…[Read more]

  • Our kWh have tripled in the last three months and I wanted to know how to troubleshoot to find where the current leakage is.. The utility guy came out to house and had my wife flip breakers..I know what breaker it’s coming from .. I have shut everything off and read the leg of the breaker..What do I do to find the leakage or what am i looking for…[Read more]

  • I get between 1 and 2 inch very dense styrofoam from work and was wondering if I could use this to insulate my garage walls..

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