• Yes, some of the foam is damaged but only the top few inches. It goes down 18″ below grade.

    I will need to repair this before cover it.

    I actually have started using weed killer.

    I am thinking …. weed killer … landscaping fabric … gravel.

    If I do this all around, I should need minimal maintenance.

    Thanks … Mike

  • I am just afraid that anything short of concrete that comes in contact with the ground will rot or rust).

    Aluminum after a few years will disintegrate.

    Even galvanized steel rusts away. I was just looking at a barn yesterday that had a new galvanized roof put on last year. I can already see spots of rust on it. If it were in the ground and…[Read more]

  • Awesome!

    Thanks for the advice.

    The deck I built ( and it was about 10 years ago) was about 24″ above the ground. it was even covered. The plywood decking didn’t even last 5 years.

    I actually have only seen one plywood foundation. Always wondered how well they would hold up.

    I actually live right beside a wetland. Even in the best of times…[Read more]

  • My wife actually found this while doing our search.

    The literature says …… “GroundBreaker™ safeguards the foundation from hazards such as lawn mowers, weed trimmers, insects and moisture. After all, since the weight of your house rests upon the foundation, protecting it should be of utmost importance!”

    Is this true? How strong is this s…[Read more]

  • Thanks …. I will definitely take a good look at this product!

    I was just a bit worried that a “brush on” coating may be a bit think and not give good mechanical (impact) resistance but this may be thinker than I think … looks like you can put on several coats.


  • Just an update … still looking for a “good” answer.

    I had an “eco green” builder stop by on the weekend (friend of a friend).

    He said all they do is use either a rubbery coating or aluminum coil flashing material.

    Neither seems very durable to me. I asked if he had gone back after a couple of years to look at how it held up ….hmmmm …. no…[Read more]

  • I have been searching for weeks and still no answer.

    I have a thickened edge floating pad in VT, about 3000 sq ft. Insulated under (except under thickened edge and post locations), around and a couple ft out (16″ below grade). Long story behind this but in short I was talked into it 4 years ago when we started building the house. I did a…[Read more]

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