• Makita Advances Cordless Planing for Carpentry Projects

    Makita XPK02Z Cordless Planer

  • Miamicuse wrote:Wasted a whole day.

    Did some concrete work outside then an unexpected thunderstorm in the afternoon. I saw the rain coming and protected my work, but the down pouring was so heavy it flooded into my work. What a mess!

    Oh man the fear every guy pouring concrete the thunderstorm. Had that happen on a driveway pour, they saved it…[Read more]

  • New CAT Cordless Power Tools??

    New CAT Cordless Power Tools??

  • Sprokitz wrote:My son got some of his drawers made and installed. No fronts yet

    Looks nice, that will come in handy for sure. You can always use drawer space in the shop.

  • Best Task Light for Tools

  • wbembrid wrote:The weather here yesterday was at the perfect temperature and humidity that I could practically watch cast iron rust!

    I get those kind of days in the winter here. When It’s like that I know what you mean frustrating. I try and keep a good coat of paste wax on the exposed tops, it helps.


  • Klein 5-Piece Kit Provides the Essentials for Electrical Work

    Klein 5-Piece Insulated Tool Kit

  • GTokley wrote:So I decided to post my old mitre saw on Facebook Marketplace. I had sold less then 24 hrs. I had over 10 people contacting me.

    Wow that was fast, good deal and you now have less stuff to move.

  • Makita XRM10 12V/18V Bluetooth Radio Now Charges Batteries Too

    Makita XRM10 18V Charging Radio

  • Modify Your Combination Square for Better Project Layout

  • JimDaddyO wrote:I had to get the rust off the plane today and the big rust stain off the top of the work bench too.

    JimDaddyO wrote:then put the plane back together and took about 6 swipes with it on the bench top and the stain is pretty much gone.

    Glad that stain came off the bench top.

  • We Test the Best Milwaukee Drills for 2020

    Best Milwaukee Drill Reviews for 2020

  • RonW wrote:Moving along on the addition. Man it’s been hot up on the roof. But we are ready for metal next week.

    Looks like very nice work Ron. Hopefully it will cool off soon.

  • Simpson MegaShot Pressure Washer

  • Spray like finish on cabinets NO SPRAY GUN!

  • GTokley wrote:Put my carving chisels in the tool roll I got.

    Very nice carving chisel set.

  • Ridgid Octane SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Review – Big Holes, No Sweat

    Ridgid Octane SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Review – Big Holes, No Sweat

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