• I would try and put a half sheet of maybe peg board or 1/2″ ply on it. Cut an area across the top, around a height that would be easy for you to reach and pull wire as you need it. Put about three hinges on the side with a small latch so you can swing it open if the cable gets tangled up and you need to access the whole space. That’s if you have a…[Read more]

  • Love the review! I received one of these impact drivers as a donation when my shop got robbed. I have to say I would pay full price for this impact driver any day! The power is great and its very comfortable to use. Thinking of replacing my Ryobi drill with a bosch!

  • I am retired military living in Central Texas. I am a wood working beginner learning how to make furniture and I do handyman work and minor furniture repair. I have been doing a bit of DYI on my house and using that as away to hone my woodworking skills. I have already meet many great guys on this site and I hope to meet many more!

  • Hello everyone. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Chad M. for the package I received the other day. I apologize for the delay but it sat in the pack seat of my daughter’s car for I don’t know how long from when she picked up the mail! I will get a lot of use out of the extension cord, air hose and forsner bits! I am still so moved by the…[Read more]

  • I saw those in the store the other day and was wondering the same thing. I wondered if it was part of the bosch storage kits.

  • Tony replied to the topic Tony's Tools in the forum Talk Around the Job Site 5 years ago

    Hello everyone!
    Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for so long. I just got off a mid shift week and it sucked! I did receive all the boxes that were sent. I was finally able to open them all and I cant say thank you enough. These tools mean so much to me and I am very grateful. Sven has been coaching me on how to post pictures to the site because I’m…[Read more]

  • Tony replied to the topic Tony's Tools in the forum Talk Around the Job Site 5 years ago

    Thank You I will post a picture of the box i got I ment to do that the day I got it but i w playing with everything and I forgot. I will post t to that link.

  • Tony replied to the topic Tony's Tools in the forum Talk Around the Job Site 5 years ago

    Well I thought I would update everyone on how things are going. First i would like to say thank you again to Sven and Jim. I received both your boxes in the mail yesterday. I can really use everything in there. I already called a few people and told them i could do their garages. I am breathing a little easier. My father sent me a hand held belt…[Read more]

  • I loved the stories. I have no doubt that the members of the Be The Pro community are some of the most generous people I have come across! I myself have been the recipient of their generosity. Recently my house was robbed and I lost all my power tools in my shop! Thanks to people like this I received tools, free points and a lot of support as my…[Read more]

  • I have used the dremel blades and I seem to break them easy. I will have to try these blades and see how it goes.

  • Is this used for rolling insulation or spray? I’m wondering because I’m thinking of building a small shop behind my house. I live in Texas and want to install a small air condition. Better insulation is always good when running an air conditioner in the summer here. DOes it matter if use regular insulation?

  • Tony replied to the topic Got Zapped Today in the forum Electrical 5 years ago

    Wow That’s crazy. Glad to hear your OK. I was installing a ceiling fan in a house one day. Rushing to get done I held a set of needle nose pliers in my teeth and when I moved closer to look at something with a flashlight I touched a wire with the exposed end of the pliers and it knocked me right off the ladder! LOL. I was young then and learned…[Read more]

  • WOW That is a beautiful entertainment enter. Need to make one for my daughters house.

  • Great mug! that would be so fun to have on the desk at work!

  • Tony replied to the topic Gobsmacking workbench in the forum Woodworking/Carpentry 5 years ago

    Man I would kill for this bench! Then I would have to fix up the rest of the shop so it looks as good as the bench!

  • Tony replied to the topic Tony's Tools in the forum Talk Around the Job Site 5 years ago

    Thank you to everyone1 I am thinking of several ways to try and pay it forward when I can. I have been reading up on how to connect my Sony video camera to my Mac computer and when I do I will be posting a video. Please know that I have been truly humbled form this blessing! I know that I have truly found life long friends here on this site! You…[Read more]

  • Tony replied to the topic Tony's Tools in the forum Talk Around the Job Site 5 years ago

    Hello to everyone. This is Sven’s friend Tony. First let me start by saying that I am completely blown away by the response to Sven’s request. I literally have to sit down at time and wrap my head around all this. I have truly been shown that there are really good people out there like the people in the group! I really feel humbled by this and I…[Read more]

  • Tony became a registered member 5 years ago

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