• I’m a bit late to the party but earlier in the thread stingers were brought up. I have stopped using cut stringers in exterior stairs the last few years be cause the available wood is not stable enough in the long term. I’ve been using a modified box tread design that a local inspector suggested. each tread is basically a small deck in between two…[Read more]

  • To all new members welcome aboard. I’ve only been here a short time myself.

    Been a while since my last post but what a summer it’s been so far. Not sure what changed but it’s busier than ever.

  • Most of the time the only critters I see are roaches and bed bugs. But every once in a while I get a call at 3 in the morning from a tenant freaking out about a bat or mouse that got in the house.

    This spring the mom of a tenant called because her two daughters had barricaded them selves in a bedroom and had been there for several hours because…[Read more]

  • Funny part is how I met her. I got a part time winter job at the local sears and she was working in the “hardware” dept. On my first day she was working and I over herd her selling a guy on one of the wrench sets and that was it I knew she was the one for me.

  • We hired a kid who had some developmental issues that loved wood working to do most of the sanding. I think he’s been there for 6-7 years now. He has a full shop at home and is very safe with the equipment he’s aloud to use at the shop. Just about his whole pay check goes into all the crazy stuff he builds at home. We used to send scrap home with…[Read more]

  • Had to be that big to fit all the parts for a full house package. All the work tables were accessible from all sides. We also gang built everything. Customer would get a bit more space and we used less material. Down side though was that a locker or an island could get big. The longest single base cabinet I built was 12′ long for a car dealer. We…[Read more]

  • Oh sanding. It wasn’t as much of a pain after we switched to air sanders. We squared in clamps also but cheated a bit by adding a 1/16″ to all sides so we had a little wiggle room. We usually started panels from face frame scraps.

    I miss having my giant door table. 6’×16′ with a rolling chop saw cabinet on the end with 16 drawers for my…[Read more]

  • @dirtywhiteboy thanks for directing me to the thread.

    The origin to mine is a nick name one of the other techs gave me after helping me pull lumber for a deck project. Said I was taking to long. He’s a mechanical guy and had no idea you needed to make sure they were good for what you were going to use them for.

    Any who, he mentioned giving me…[Read more]

  • @svensfriend I sent some points your way. I’d send you an extension cord but you would not want any of mine:)

    All kidding aside I hope the shop is coming back together. It’s a hard loss when your tools are stolen my favorite pouches and all my hand tools in then we’re stolen when I volunteered in new Orleans after Katrina. I figure the person…[Read more]

  • @jponto07 that will be a might fine dresser. I cant wait to have a shop to work in again.

    Spent the better part of the day hauling out fire doors and cutting them down so they will close on there own now instead of dragging. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t 95°f and on and off rain.

  • There are a ton of places to order doors and drawer boxes in iowa and Missouri. We tried it for a while but decided to go back to making our own. Ended up costing more for us but we would make sure that the grain on the styles, rails and panels ran all the way through floor to ceiling and wall to wall. It was way to time consuming to eplain how to…[Read more]

  • Felt like a real carpenter for a while today. Jacked up a saggy 4 seasons porch and replaced the 6×6 post. Hardest part was finding the sweet spot where the door worked and the vinyl windows.

    Then I went back to my bread and butter tracking leaks. As usual the windows were taped wrong and the top edge of the deck flashings were out side the…[Read more]

  • One of the techs I work with used to give me a ton of grief when I was sorting boards at the yard. He made a joke at the morning maintanance meeting and it stuck. I wouldn’t call my self a ladies man but I did hook a wife that has her own tool set. Even scarier she knows how to use them. Takes me hunting and fishing too:)

  • I had one of our local acme store do a search for the stacked coping and sticking bits today and they said that they can get several different profiles in a brand called katana. The ones they found were about $25. At that price they probobly would not last a life time but worth a try. They said that you would only need to set up once if you used a…[Read more]

  • Good luck on the rebuild there great machines.

    As for router table set up I had looked in to buying a shaper and there were versions that utilized a stacked cutter head system where both sticking and coping were installed at the same time. The sticking was the bottom set and coping on top. They used a tall coping sled so that you could do one…[Read more]

  • Check out Wolfe machinery for parts for the shaper. That is identical to the ones we had. They have parts and accessories that are no longer made.

    Has any one looked into putting the router set up on the table saw to utilize it’s fence and t tracks for sticking and coping? I think that if the router was on the right side table you could use the…[Read more]

  • Man I haven’t thought of sticking and coping for a couple years. I just thought of a trick we used to remove the chatter on sticking when we used the smaller cutter heads. Take a coped scrap and clamp it in a vertical tenoning jig and remove the tenon on the table saw. Take a piece of psa sand paper and stick it to the coped face for a profile…[Read more]

  • Took a while but I found the newer version of the sled I used. It’s the weaver hd226w. Doesn’t look that cool but their site has a good video that shows how fast you can cope with it.

    It also adjusts to the t track on you specific table for that perfect 90. It also has hold downs on the rail to keep it from riding up the bit.

    Wish I had more…[Read more]

  • I have been on the maintenance side of it for 3 years. Managing is a PITA for not much money in the end. Having the maintenance contract is where the money is. Our maintenance department floats the management side.

    You will have to check the real estate laws in your area but here you have to have a brokers licence and anyone who does showings and…[Read more]

  • Started the day at the usual morning meeting. Then off to do some light deck repair. Then recaulked a tub, patched a dent behind the bathroom door. Then the phone rang and off to one of the remodels to clear out the old paneling and the rest of the trash so the framers could start in the morning. Rounded out the day setting up a temp. AC in a unit…[Read more]

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