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    K thanks guys. Kswiss, youre an alberta boy too… from customer feedback, was inflloor for basement and main floor (even though doing the main floor is alot more hassle and exspensive) worth the extra cost? The plumbers I talk to say its a more confortable heat, but i just want to know if theres alot of delay with this type of heating? Is it…[Read more]

  • I was wondering what some turd herders thought about the best way to heat a house in a canadian climate. My twin and I are both jmen (im a sparky, and hes a plumber), but I feel like his entire company is super biased because theyre viessman dealers.. what do the rest of you say? Is in floor heat really that much better? Or should I put in 2…[Read more]

  • And thanks for all the reaponses, and some nice panels too…. im getting the idea that tyraps and extra slack are not popular.

  • You guys dont have to keep the service wires and branch circuit wires separate in the states? Here in Alberta we always bring our cables into the side of the panel so they dont pass through the area where the service conductors terminate

  • Thats a nice panel. I love making things look good, but a fews ive worked with look down on tyraps and I dont know of any other way to make them perfect 90 degrees.

  • Tyraps? Slack? Loops? Show pics or explain your method. Im very particular and work for a guy who is even more so. If money was no object, what would you do to make a panel look sexy?

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    IF you were wanting to replace the breaker that is, but try all these other suggestions first. But definitely dont just put a 20amp on that 14awg

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    You’ll definitely need to run a 12 awg and replace the plugs with 20 amp. You should really on be having 12amps run through a 14awg, so if your 15 amp breaker is tripping, that means that if you replace your breaker with a 20amp, more than 15amps is going to flow through that 14awg wire and you are going to have a problem.

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