• The beds are used seasonally to grow vegetables and herbs. They are located in Northern California, once the rain stops in April it stays dry until October or November. We use drip irrigation on the beds and other landscaping. The irrigation system doesn’t show in the photos as it is removed during the winter. The reason for deeper beds is to…[Read more]

  • Thank you for the comments and replies. I wasn’t able to get access to the property to take photos until the weekend.

    I’ve wanted to avoid redoing the beds if possible because there are a lot of them (12) and it will be very costly to do it. My sig other won’t allow a post to be sunk next to the existing posts, so I was trying to raise the…[Read more]

  • We have several raised beds that were originally built too short. The walls are 12″ cedar. They are bolted to 4×4 corner posts sunk into the ground and braced with 2×4 posts every 4 feet or so.

    I’d like to add a second row of boards to the walls. For aesthetic reasons I would like to increase the height of the existing posts, and strongly…[Read more]

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