• Thanks for the links, i will check with KMS, as i have a store about an hour away, and if not i’ll try online. I’ve been stung by the u.s. brokerage fees, avoid any thing shipped to canada via u.p.s., they will charge fees, so far i’ve never had an issue using usps. Thanks for the help

  • Thanks everyone, i’m not familiar with bessey clamps but will look into those. I kick myself that i missed out on a fella selling off a large assortment of pipe clamps a year or so ago, thought about it too long and of course they were gone, just a few dollars each. I’m done buying cheap clamps, will just buy a quality clamp or 2 at a time. I just…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone, i believe the model # is 1617evs, that’s the only numbers i can see anyway other than serial #’s. Worst comes to worst i’ll just buy a few 1/2″ bits i guess.i didn’t know a reducer was available reflector, does that slip into the collet i have? The router is nearly new, he said he only used it for 2 projects,…[Read more]

  • Clamps seems to be one of those things i have trouble with, i bought a bag full from canadian tire, (should have known better) of the 6 clamps, 3 still work, never seem to have enough, and the ones i have usually end up an inch too short (story of my life)! What do you guys use? Is there a best ‘bang for the buck’ brand? Are the old school pipe…[Read more]

  • I just bought a bosch plunge router at a garage sale, well, my son picked it up for me, it came in the plastic suitcase type box with the fixed and plunge bases, but no accessories, does bosch make a 1/4″ collet for this router? I have a selection of 1/4″ bits i would like to use with this machine, or do i need to buy 1/2″ bits?

  • Garry replied to the topic Milwaukee Torque Lock in the forum Hand Tools 4 years, 9 months ago

    Maybe clamp them onto a round pipe/bar, 2 or 3″ diameter, and try to rotate each one, should give an idea of clamping force, clamp onto a square surface similar in size and push/pull on each, watch for distortion or spreading of jaws, clamp as tight as possible and compare effort to release each one, compare max opening available to clamp of each…[Read more]

  • Garry replied to the topic Practice for new welders in the forum Metal 4 years, 9 months ago

    I think there’s so many really good you tube channels these days that i would consider a welding course optional, especially for mig welding mild steel. Of course an actual training class is a good thing, if unavailable in your area, or if the cost is too high, don’t let that discourage anyone from learning on your own.

  • Garry replied to the topic Interesting socket in the forum Hand Tools 4 years, 9 months ago

    8 pt sockets (i’ve never heard of them being called double square either) are very usefull for removing drain and fill plugs from older differentials, transmissions and transfer cases. These plugs are notorious for being over tightened by the last guy who was in there! Open end and adjustable wrenches tend to spread, then slip, then bugger up the…[Read more]

  • Garry replied to the topic Practice for new welders in the forum Metal 4 years, 9 months ago

    I’ve never welded proffessionaly, but have welded at home for years, built many projects and tools etc. I have an industrial 250 amp hobart high frequency tig/stick machine and a little 180 amp lincoln mig. My suggestions to anyone wanting to learn is this, if cost is an issue look for a used lincoln or miller or hobart mig machine. Get a 220v…[Read more]

  • I don’t know the brand, but there are some amazing bits out there. I have three 3/16″ bits i bought at a garage sale with a bunch of other random bits. I had some hard steel to drill, every regualr bit i had wouldn’t touch it, just made a shiny spot. These old bits drilled through like it was mild steel, i wish i knew what they were so i could buy…[Read more]

  • That’s a tough one to get out of until somebody dumps some cash into it. Is there potential to make a profit, or is it a break even at best type of business? Probably won’t find an investor if the chance of a payback is too far away

  • Those plugs look like a great idea, i’ll have to keep my eyes open for them. Regular plugs are definitely a fire hazard when they get mashed into the back of a dresser

  • “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, bad people will find a way around the laws”

  • Well that helps explain why they hesitate to spend much money! It’s too bad, finally got people in the habit of recycling, but haven’t got the infastructure in place to deal with it all. Might be a good place for the gov’t to help out with some subsidies to keep you guys in operation, would be a shame for it to have to go back the landfill

  • I’m not sure how much money your company loses during downtime, but it always amazes me how some businesses will try and save money by not fixing equipment properly, only to lose huge money when the plant shuts down due to break downs. I see it all the time in the trucking industry. Some owners won’t make simple repairs, then end up losing $2500 a…[Read more]

  • “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”

  • Oh ok, i was thinking that even at a low pressure, the volume of air needed would still be too much for a little compressor. I just have a little twin tank as well, about 4 scfm i think, didn’t think it would be nearly enough, thanks for the tip

  • Thanks for the info, you’re right about new technology being expensive at first, then coming down in price. Also means the older tech usually gets blown out at some really good prices, so i guess i still haven’t decided which way to go! Might be hard to resist a good blow out sale on a non brushless set!

  • How much difference is there in brushless tools? Is it worth almost double the price? I need to replace an old mastercraft cordless kit i had, and i want good stuff, even though it’s just for personal use. I’m an ex mechanic so i know to buy good tools, i think i’ll go with makita for a drill/driver/battery kit, just trying to justify the cost of…[Read more]

  • I’m curious about the hvlp systems that include the air source as well, as i have an automotive project i would like to at least primer myself, as well as other painting projects around the house

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