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    Freud, Diamar, and Lee Valley all make great quality bit. Can be pricey through. I recently started buying some of the exchange-a-bit router bits – working very well so far and of course when they dull you bring them in and exchange for a new sharp one for about 60-70%of the cost of the full price. Great for straight and round overs that get use…[Read more]

  • Installing hardwood is a rewarding and pleasure full task. Removing subfloor to prep for hardwood install is literally the worst thing ever.

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    Good tips Dan

  • I used to chop down trees (Canada, tree abundance) and build log cabins in the woods in Jr high/high school as a place to hang out and be bad (drink, girls, etc) but the cops would come usually after the first party and tear it down. Then it was on to building the next one a few moles away.
    Then I went and got a business degree and that was the…[Read more]

  • I agree with the Leika Disto supporters. I have had the “2” for years. Very well built and extremely accurate. Although with what I do I would never use it for anything other than estimating. Some may say they are expensive but it will be paid for in time saved after measuring two houses.

  • I just started using 16′ measuring tapes. I realized that I don’t need anything longer most of the time as trims are typically 14′ and sheets are obviously 4×8. The tape is much smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Also much easier to get in and out of a small finishing pouch compared to the super manly 25-30 footers.

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    So what do we do about it?
    Something is better than nothing.

    I’m 31, was pushed into university by my parents, graduated, and started my carpentry apprenticeship right after. I now run a small, very small, ( 1-2 young employees) finishing company and I have more than 3 times the amount of work I can handle. And the money is well over 100k.

    I…[Read more]

  • There is definately an evil elf of some sort, and unfortunately the Staedtler pencils are not immune to him.
    But the quality is definately higher than the standard papemate – where I find that the lead is broken on the inside of the pencil quite often, and one sharpening goes miles longer, so the graphite must be harder or something.
    And…[Read more]

  • I have to admit that I don’t know the exact technical details on why they are quieter, but I think it has a lot to with the amount of blade contact to the wood at any given moment. There is only ever about a half inch of blade cutting into wood at one time as opposed to a full 12.5″ at once with regular straight knives. I’m sure that the carbide…[Read more]

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    I second the vote for the rigid. Believe it or not it is a great tool, and the wheely stand makes it super easy to load into and out of a truck alone. $399 in Canada is a great price point. I assume its even cheaper in the US.

  • Anyone using the classic blower with bag style dust collector for portable job site work?
    Is there one rugged and compact enough to do the job?

  • Here’s a simple one.
    I was recently convinced to buy the expensive (~ 1$ each in bulk) Staedtler blue drafting pencils and some classic schoolroom sharpeners (3 for $.99). I am amazed at the time and frustration I save, and how much longer they last.

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    That little scribe looks amazing to me. Love the idea of the score as opposed to a pencil line.

  • I paid $100 on Kijiji for an older delta 12.5″ and I’m blown away with the quality for the money. That being said, if your budget is in the 500$ + range I believe the helical is the only way to go. Cleaner cuts, and basically no sharpening because of the carbide, and the fact that each knife has four sharpened sides means you aren’t dishing out…[Read more]

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