• Miamicuse wrote:

    Doobie wrote:
    This part I can answer….

    Miamicuse wrote:
    Or may be it’s me I am getting too old and drinking too much beer from staying home and just hallucinating perhaps.

    There’s no such thing as too much beer.

    Miamicuse wrote:
    very strange.

    I was looking at some zipwall posts for putting up dust plastics and went to a fiv…

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  • testing after developer updated plugin (as administrator, so this should still work)

  • I’ve had some back and forth with the developer of the plugin that lets us do the quoting, images, and videos. He hasn’t found a solution yet, but we know the root cause is something to do with permissions, as admins can do all functions just fine, but participants cannot. Hopefully he’ll find the solution and release a patch soon. Thank you for…[Read more]

  • @miamicuse Noted and added multiple image issue to the list. It may be the same issue as with nested quotes. The developer of the plugin (same one that provides both pieces of functionality) is in touch and I was able to see that site admins CAN do nested posting but participants cannot. So, we’re narrowing down the issue.


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  • Hi all – just chiming in here with an update on the major issues.

    First, the “Oops this page can’t be found” – this should be fixed, for now. For some reason the link structure is resetting. I don’t know the root cause on this but for now, you should be able to access the prize list again.

    Second, from what I understand in reading through your…[Read more]

  • Hi all – just stopping by to say thanks for your patience on this! We went through a pretty big upgrade this weekend – biggest since the site’s been up – and there were some hitches after the migration. It looks like things are back to normal now and running well but keep us updated as you use the forums. Thanks again!

  • Webmaster replied to the topic Buying a mig welder in the forum BTP Questions 4 years ago


    Doobie wrote:

    r-ice wrote:

    Kamster wrote:
    If you have access to any of the remaining Husky branded tables at your local HD, you may want to stop in and see what the prices are.

    The clearance price has dropped to $31.96 Canadian at my HD. Or, if you found one recently, you can try to get HD to refund you the difference in…

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  • Testing filesize upload limits.

  • Testing filesize upload limits.

  • We were trying to avoid folks doing that. This is happening because the site supports oembed, which generally is nice, but not when you’re embedding your own site in your own site 🙂

    Technically it’s disabled, but somehow some are still getting through…

  • Oscillating spindle sander

  • One more different method.

    Reply To: Oscillating spindle sander

  • Trying to use htaccess block instead.

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  • Maybe BuddyPress is doing it. So disabled its version of oembed.

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  • Trying again with possible embed issue.

    Reply To: Oscillating spindle sander

  • I see it…and it shouldn’t happen. It’s disabled. Grrr.

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