• Thanks for the reference to the NEC annex C tables.

    I made an assumption since the Milbank meter base has a max of 4in conduit and a max size of 600 Kcmil wire at the lugs, that I should be able to fit 3 600 kcmil wires in the 4in conduit and be ok. Smaller size wire would obviously be fine.

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  • Overhead service, from the weather head to the meter base. (Pole/Transformer, to weather head is power companies responsibility). I worked with the power company to determine at max the shop would have an 8KW load. The purpose for the 400 AMP service is for 2 200 AMP services, 1 immediately (for the shop) and 1 later on (Mother’s ADU).

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  • Hi,

    I’m installing my own meter base and panel for a 400 AMP service in my shop. Does anyone know what size feed line I should be using? I referenced table T. 310.16 of the NEC but I am still a bit confused as how to read it correctly. Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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