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  • We can barely get stuff up on our FB and Twitter sites for BeThePro. We won’t be joining the Instagram crowd anytime soon, unless the Keebler elves want to start working here. Just a matter of not enough resources to cover every single base. But a good idea. It seems though, that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an IG contest these days.

  • @Montreal_Medic I actually would mind if this degenerated into a how to cook the best damn fried chicken on the planet and Viking review thread. There are already tons of sites you could discuss that on, just not this one. @Doobie started this thread and I am not here to close it but to guide it. There is absolutely no way that I would ever ask…[Read more]

  • The prevailing winds seem to point towards L-BOXX kit versions of tools will be phased out over time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the L-BOXX separately (as well as the foam) and customize it to the tool. The plastic inserts can be purchased as well. The inserts, although not actively stocked by Bosch, can be purchased through CPO. The…[Read more]

  • Let’s remember that this is a sponsored forum not one that is fueled by faceless advertisers. Thus anything that gets posted is subject to their review and subsequently removal. Freedom is of course what America (and CA to an extent) was founded on – but there are boundaries that extend when certain content is shared in a public forum. The…[Read more]

  • The new lineup from Keen Utility Work Boots will keep your feet happy!
    The new Keen Utility Work Boots lineup was on display at World of Concrete 2017.  Breanna from Keen Utility was kind enough to walk us […]

    • I like the look and features of the Raleigh AT. It is time for some new work shoes for the shop and that may fit the bill. Thanks for the update Keen and BTP.

    • I have seen others talk about Keen on the forum before, but with these up close videos, I definitely want to check these out immediately. The Raleigh AT looks great, but I am not sure how to feel about the bungee laces.

    • Great and informative videos about the new keen shoes and boots.
      I own 3 Keen’s myself and love every single one of it. Once you have one pair you will definitely purchase more or just stick with that brand.

  • Blaklader is right at home at the World of Concrete 2017
    When I think of Blaklader concrete comes to mind.  Maybe it’s because so may of our forum members rave about their X1600 pants that they redeem for, or […]

    • Alex replied 4 weeks ago

      Awesoke to see more coming out from WOC!

      I love the look and design of their clothing. I’m sure once I try some on I’ll be sold.

    • Brian replied 4 weeks ago

      Great review and information about Blakläder,
      First time I came to hear about them is by joining BTP forums. Plenty of members wear them and talk very highly about the products.
      I was fortunate to have redeemed for two items, the stretch belt, and the black winter hat. Oh and a baseball cap, all very impressive material and very nicely made.

      I will definitely like to try out a pair of the pants eventually.

      I am liking the new black on black 1600 pants, and those two new coats the 4940 knitted jacket, and the new light grey coat.

    • Very nice article about blaklader from WOC.
      I was at the booth myself and tried on several pants.
      I finally figured out what size I need and it’s definitely not the size I usually wear haha.
      The X1600 are some heavy duty pants but very comfortable.
      Just too bad that Blaklader NA doesn’t sell the X1500 Shorts. I would have grabbed 2 pair of those ones.

    • Great article from WOC on Blaklader. The x1600 Craftsmen pants are one of my all time favorites!

  • Concrete repairs have gotten a lot more high tech this year.
    The ample display at World of Concrete 2017 featured QUIKRETE concrete repair solutions that are both cost effective and contractor friendly.

    The […]

    • Brian replied 1 month ago

      Excellent, this is just what I was needle to get my stairs back to looking good, after ten years, they have become all chipped and pitted, I think I will be visiting a store in my area for getting my products ready for spring time.
      What I like is the fact that it gives you three hours to be able to walk on them, very practical.
      Thanks for the videos and information.

  • @GTokley – it is always best to look at the beginning of a thread before you post if you are new to the subject or thread. Not that there is anything wrong with newer members posting in an established thread, but not reviewing previous thread posts can leave one open to “doubling up” on a subject. Glad to have you here and looking forward to you…[Read more]

  • This is one of the best miter saw stand made by Bosch.
    Review by: jkirk

    As a finish carpenter, the Bosch GTA3800 miter saw stand is pretty much my favorite miter saw accessory used on the site. In order to w […]

    • Great review Jeff. The GTA3800 is on my to buy lit right after I upgrade my miter saw.

    • Very good and detailed review. I was always curious which miter saw stand to get. I ended up purchasing the T4B but after the review I definitely look into the GTA3800 as well. As a second option for the miter saw or for a another/new miter saw.

    • I have the same stand it’s sturdy I am using my cm10gd mitersaw on it. One leg is adjustable for uneven terrain.extended arms are sturdy. Makes your job easy if you have rapid cuts. You just gotta adjust the stopper.great mitersaw stand.

    • Great review Jeff, some great information about the stand, I like the fact the it’s made out of aluminum, makes it lighter than my mastercraft steel one, also the position of the wheels seems to be better than mine, plus better wheels,
      The other thing that is nice is that stop block wing,
      Will definitely be on the lookout for one of these,
      Thanks for a detailed review.

      • i also have the milwaukee stand which came with my 12 ” milwaukee.. its about 3 1/2 years old now roughly nad its showing wear… one of the welds is starting to go on it.. my biggest complaint is the weight of it as its made of steel..

        the bosch stand is acually longer but much lighter weight only thing i cant do with it when transporting is turn it sideways in the bed of my truck like i can the milwaukee

  • Would GeeFix anchors be a solution?

  • This Bosch 6″ ROS is the best sander for your heavy duty sanding jobs.
    Review by: cmeyer25
    I am writing this review of the Bosch 1250DEVS random orbit sander as it was given to me by Be The Pro and Bosch to try […]

    • Great review, I also have the little 5 inch ROS20VSK and think it’s a great little sander,
      But after reading your review plus another member, this Bosch sander is definitely going on my list of tools to add.
      Nice to hear you are impressed with the dust collection,

    • Awesome review Charlie – thanks for taking the time.
      This sander will go up a few ranks on my tool-list.

    • Great review! Reading all these reviews of this tool, it seems to be unanimous that this is a great sander

      I love mine

    • Great review, this looks like a pretty powerful little sander

    • Thanks everyone, I’ve been using this sander for everything now – I almost never use my little ROS anymore. The dust collection and rapid material removal make it perfect for just about any task.

  • I feel like I should weigh in on this thread. Weather is definitely part of construction trades so this thread is appropriate. It would be better though if once in awhile we can discuss (in this thread) the impact that weather has on your working conditions and what you have to do to continue to be productive regardless of the weather…[Read more]

  • What a great gesture. Paying it forward to help out a brother or sister in the trades. Now that’s Being The Pro! Thanks @JimDaddyO



  • So that’s what you wanted the 12V holster for. I recently used it at WOC to power the GoPro and phones I was using to shoot video. It also powered my laptop. You have to remember to hit the red button on the holster for the USB to activate. Nice mod, I wish I had the Planex when I was a painting and drywall contractor. That would have…[Read more]

  • @Moze, didn’t you see how much was collected in the reservoir? Not to mention much better sight lines than the Dewalt solution.

  • The in-line dust extraction for the GBH18V-26 will be available May-ish. If we can get them to we will be putting it on the list. It might even show up in the Tool Testers club.

    Here’s some videos that will give you a much better idea of what’s to come with the GDE18V-16 Dust Extraction Attachment that firs on the GBH18V-26 18 V EC Brushless 1…[Read more]

  • The Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser with Plumb Points Deliver Big Time Performance
    Reviewed by: JKirk
    The Bosch GCL 2-160 is now my go to laser level for everyday lining up and squaring.  The days of water […]

    • good review, I’ve been eyeing different laser levels.

      • Jeff replied 2 months ago

        its a great little unit. very pleased with it.. very accurate

    • Alex replied 2 months ago

      thanks for the great and detailed review Jeff.
      I’m going to pick up a laser soon and this one is definitely in the top5 to choose from

    • Great review Jeff, thinking I should eventually get this laser, the battery gauge sounds like a simple but nice feature,
      And the other points to use as a plumb bob is another good option.
      Once again great review,

      • the plumb bob feature is pivotal where it allows transferring layout marks on the floor up to the ceiling for whatever it may be.. wall layout, pot lights, or any other architectual detail that might be easier to lay out on the floor first

  • @CrpntrFreak – From the Bosch Service Reps: They can order the clamp under the following service part SKU:


    You can order the part by typing in (or copy and paste) the number above on this page: https://www.boschtoolsservice.com/Search/QuickPartsOrder.aspx

    That should get you the bracket you need.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Longtime forum member and moderator, Dabbs, was crushing it last week at the World of Concrete 2017 – literally.

    Dabbs rolled into Las Vegas in his camper top and promptly found a free parking space at one […]

    • Lon replied 2 months ago

      How cool! So you nailed it Dabbs or should I say drilled it. Congrats and glad you are having fun in Vegas. Don’t let Jim get you into any trouble. LOL.

    • Congrats @dabbs! I can’t believe you got it right on the money! Nice going.

    • Woho Congratulations Boyd @Dabbs,
      And very nice gesture from Bosch throwing in two new battery packs.

      Looks like it was a nice show,
      Great videos,
      I know he definitely has experience in the high impact with those bits, he uses them every summer lol

    • Jim replied 2 months ago

      Very cool to see the video that goes with the story.

    • Alex replied 2 months ago

      congrats dabbs on your awesome win. amazing prize you got there. enjoy

    • You da man, dabby!

    • Alex replied 2 months ago

      Awesome to see there was a video to go with the story. Congrats again Dabbs, and great choice.

    • That’s awesome!! Way to go Dabbs! Nice score on the drill. The Bosch electric jack hammers are known to be the best for a reason.

    • That is awesome you were able to make it there and that you won the contest! I’m sure you will get a lot of use from the rotary hammer in the future!

    • Nice to see people actually enjoy working with tools and having fun doing it

    • Great write-up and vids.
      Congrats Dabbs!

  • Here is an excellent explanation from Bosch that shows the CORE18V difference. Neither the DeWalt FlexVolt, Milwaukee M18, or offerings from Makita, Ridgid, Hitachi, Hilti or any other cordless power tool maker uses the larger Li-ion batteries. Nor does any of Bosch’s competition invest in tooling that allows for the patented copper bonding…[Read more]

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