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    Not a whole lot to clamp onto, but try a pair of vice grips clamped tight. Parallel to the ground.

    Yeah that’s going to be pretty tough…there isn’t a lot of clearance to work with. Didn’t think of leveraging it that way so its definitely worth a shot.

    Biggest problem is doing this 16 times!

    Thanks for the idea!


    perfect guys…I appreciate the help. I’m going to make a stop on the way home today and see if I can pick one of those testers out. Had no idea that home depot would sell anything like that.

    The wife would not have been impressed with my next approach of trial and error and likely disconnecting our house phone


    Thanks for all the posts guys.

    Delta that sounds like a good idea. I will give that a try this weekend.

    I can’t cap all the cables because I have a home phone line. Albeit only one jack in the house is actually being used for phone it would be my luck that would be the first one I’d try.

    All the telecom cabling I think has been over complicated and need very unique tools to do anything to the setup which makes things like this not an easy project. My opinion anyway


    wow heat advisory warnings and air quality warnings with rain to follow, i am going to make sure i get most my work out in the morning.

    It’s been a nasty weak in the GTA hasn’t it? My parents just moved to a house around the corner and I’m pretty excited since it has an awesome in-ground pool!


    -please delete


    I’ll be saving up for a CSW41. I borrowed it from a friend for my latest project and it was excellent. Will definitely come in handy!


    Saving up for this jacket. Had no idea it had the phone charging functionality… Pretty impressive stuff from Bosch to think of that. I was just excited to be getting a heated jacket for the cold days that are on the way!


    If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. ~Russian Proverb


    I think twitter can be a decent time filler when you just want to mess around on your phone. I follow local police services and news feeds. They can sometimes advise if traffic issues before you get stuck in it. Will look up Bosch today and see what kind of stuff they’re tweeting


    Welcome to the club @mark8

    Look forward to seeing the pictures you have of your projects


    I’ve been on since August or so last year.. Just haven’t gotten to visit much.. Was a very busy last half of the year. My wife and I had our first baby so that definitely kept my hands full. Glad to be back on though and look forward to hearing about everyone’s projects.

    Welcome, and congrats on the baby…boy or girl?

    Little girl. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work for sure. Thanks for asking


    I really like the looks and mechanism of how the Porter cable one works. solves all the annoyances of the kreg jig. If i was in the market for a new one, the PC would be the way to go.

    The PC one does look interesting, but as mentioned above I don’t know if spending that much is justifiable. For a tool that wouldn’t get used very much.

    I use mine quite often on pretty much every project i work on till i can save up enough for a domino, although let me tell you how much a pain it is to set up the kreg compared to the pc one.

    I’ve been using the kreg for the last few days… Once you get the set up done it’s so easy and overall a fantastic jig.

    One piece of advice is when you’re putting the drill bit in the drill be very careful and do it over your bench. I thought it was in nice and tight, fell out onto a piece of wood on the ground and snapped in half… $25 later I have a new bit that I’ll be much more careful with !!


    Milk bags are 100% common here. That’s what I’ve been seeing all my life really. Would be strange if anyone brought home a jug or carton of milk to honest


    The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

    Abraham Lincoln


    I’ve been on since August or so last year.. Just haven’t gotten to visit much.. Was a very busy last half of the year. My wife and I had our first baby so that definitely kept my hands full. Glad to be back on though and look forward to hearing about everyone’s projects.


    What an interesting read. I must admit I didn’t know the majority of the names. Thanks for sharing that


    Just turned in points for an FL12 work light and the 12 volt starter pack, looking forward to it!

    Congrats on your order. You’re going to like it when it comes.

    Yep, fantastic little light. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone say they didn’t end up loving it, and can’t imagine that we ever will.

    I think at least half of those of us with FL12s have ended up getting more than one….

    They are extremely bright and great to have. Super handy how flexible they are for mounting. You will love it


    I’ve got 3 batteries between my drill and flashlight, really looking forward to building my cordless tool collection but it’s always nice to have a battery sitting in the charger fully charged just in case


    I’m going for the half inch socket impact wrench. Waiting for it to be added to the list. Fingers crossed Jim gets the go ahead.

    what is the model number of the half inch socket? if that does get added to the list, i may have to get that next

    Is “IWBH182” what you were looking for? Would this have enough power to handle changing the lug nuts on a car?


    Please remove post, question was already answered.

    My apologies

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