Kitchen Cabinet Installation Tips

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Remodeling Kitchens – Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Kitchen and bathrooms traditionally have been key design areas within the home.  More importantly the number and size of these rooms are still increasing in popularity which is good for us contractors.  One of the important parts of any kitchen project is kitchen cabinet installation.

Kitchen Cabinet Installations - Before

Kitchens have become a central gathering point in our social and entertaining lives, most dinner parties start and end in the kitchen. Updating a kitchen or a full kitchen remodel will increase the design, function and resale value of a home. as well as provide a more effective preparation and cooking space.  Just take a look at these two pictures – the picture above shows how the kitchen originally looked and the picture below is the finished product.  You can see a complete change in the kitchen and how it know gives off a completely new feel.  One of the first things that you notice in the pictures is the new kitchen cabinet installation.

Getting an idea of how cabinet sizes run and having a solid plan on installing them should put you on the right track to successfully laying out your kitchen in an ideal way.   The kitchen cabinet installation process and quality of install can make or break a job.

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Kitchen Cabinet Installations - After


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6 comments on “Kitchen Cabinet Installation Tips

  1. Tom

    Good tips Robert. We did a kitchen install a while back, everything was on site and we proceded to install. Found out one of the base cabinets was 6 inches too narrow. We ended up making a narrow cabinet to store cutting boards and incorporated a slide out teatowel holder. If we had drawn out the cabinets on the floor, like your tips suggest, we would have found out prior to install that our chap who signed off on the cabinets did not double check the dimensions shipped. Worked out ok though.

  2. Chris

    Love the idea of drawing the cabinets on the floor. This is why I read so much. The obvious tends to elude me and this is perfect!

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