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Keen Boots Review

Submitted by Dustincoc

A Review of Keen Boots Sheridan Insulated and Detroit Steel Toe

Keen Boots Review of Sheridan Insulated modelI have been promising a Keen Boots review for some time now. Back at the end of November I redeemed points on BeThePro.com for a pair of the Keen boots. I choose the Sheridan Insulated as my current job is in a sheltered outdoor environment, standing on a raised steel floor and every bit of insulation is a plus. Also the waterproofing is a bonus as I have to walk several hundred feet outdoors between the office and the plant through a huge dirt parking lot with puddles everywhere. The Sheridan Insulated also sport a composite toe which is what I’ve become accustomed too.

My Sheridan Insulated Keen Boots Review – Pro’s

Waterproof – They kept my feet isolated from all exterior wetness, no matter what I had to walk through.

Warm – Other than due to moisture, my feet remained warm in these boots, even when standing on an elevated steel deck in -20f without moving for long periods. I picked up a pair of thermal insoles this winter (“Hot Hands” I believe) and I found the stock insoles to actually be warmer than the aftermarket.

Comfortable – These are the most comfortable work boots I’ve found right out of the gate. I normally have to buy gel insole’s to compensate for back problems (Scoliosis) which screws with the alignment of my lower body. I typically experience pain in my knees and hips without gel insoles but I haven’t had a need with these and since the stock insoles are so much warmer than others’ I’ve kept them.

My Sheridan Insulated Keen Boots Review Con’s

Waterproof – I never could get the toes to dry out (I don’t have a boot drier), resulting in a number of days where my toes were ice cubes.

Sole Failure – recently I noticed that the sole on the left boot had cracked completely through, all the way across. On the very cold days this winter, I noticed the soles of the boots became very stiff and made quite a bit of noise when walking on hard surfaces. As I noted above, I had a hard time getting of the boots to completely dry and what I believe happened is that the soft rubber part of the sole somehow absorbed moisture and that water froze in the extreme cold. Any flex in the sole of the boots as I was wearing them in this state created micro-tears (the same thing that happens in the conveyor belts in the plant) in the soft rubber material which grew and eventually resulted in the sole breaking completely. I have noticed that there are other minor cracks in both boot soles but since it’s not sub-freezing, they haven’t gotten any worse. This isn’t a problem for most construction workers, as not that many tradespeople stand in one place all day on a super cold floor, in temperatures which are -20f or below on some days. If that’s your gig, you may want to look elsewhere.

My Sheridan Insulated Keen Boots Review Conclusion

These boots would be great for someone who doesn’t work in extreme cold for prolonged periods and who has a boot drier to dry the boots out.

Keen Boots Responded to My Issues

I wanted to make sure that in my Keen boots review I made sure to mention that I submitted a warranty claim on the boots due to the sole failure. And although the warranty process took several weeks (due to missing information I somehow didn’t submit, that I thought I had) I have a new pair of boots courtesy of Keen boots. They stand behind their product and appreciated my feedback on their Sheridan Insulated boot model construction work boot. I didn’t go with the same model though, that’s because I don’t need insulated boots in the summer.


My Keen Boots Review – Detroit Steel Toe

Keen Boots Review of Detroit Steel Toe

When I decided to write my Keen Work Boots Review of the Detroit 8″ Men’s Steel Toe model, I took into account the changing of the seasons and also the unknown cause of the sole failure in the first set (The Sheridan Insulated), I chose to replace them with a pair of Keen Work Boots Detroit 8” steel toes, which have a different style of sole. One compromise I had to make was going with steel toes instead of composite. So far I haven’t noticed much of a difference.

My Detroit Steel Toe Keen Work Boots Review – Pro’s

Waterproof – These boots are incredibly waterproof. A couple weeks ago I had to go down into the pit under the baler conveyor and although the debris looked solid, as I was climbing in I dunked my foot 6” into unseen water that was 2′ deep (the debris was floating on top). My foot didn’t get wet inside the boot. I spent a good couple hours in the pit, I wasn’t all that successful in avoiding the water by standing on top of a pile of pallets. I didn’t notice any abnormal dampness in the boots until the end of the day, hours after I had gotten out of the pit.

Comfortable: These boots are also incredibly comfortable. On par with the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever worn.

My Detroit Steel Toe Keen Work Boots Review – Con’s

Keen Boots Review of Detroit Steel Toe - sole wear photoSole Wear – The only drawback I find with these is I’ve seen noticeable wear on the soles in the time I’ve had them. A month or 2 after I got them, work supplied me with a pair of boots. I go back and forth between the 2 pairs, favoring the Keen’s so figure 2/3 of the time for the last 5 months I’ve been wearing them. I will say I work in a very abrasive (crushed glass everywhere) environment and nothing can stand up to it for long periods.

My Detroit Steel Toe Keen Boots Review Conclusion

Overall, in my Keen Boots review of the Detroit Steel Toe model, I have to say they are rigged and durable. I am hard on work boots as the conditions I work in are decidedly harsh. Keen Boots hold up and can take quite the beating while remaining comfortable. At the end of the day I have to say given my experience burning through other work boots on construction jobs that Keen Boots makes a good quality work boots that I would buy again.

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8 comments on “Keen Boots Review

  1. Chris

    Dustin, awesome review! I don’t use the work boots but I’ve got a couple of pairs of hikers from Keen, one for about six years now, and they have held up really well. I’m looking for some non steel insulted boots for motor carrier inspections and need something more durable and warmer than my Rockys. Thanks!

  2. Frank

    Thanks for taking the time to review both pair of boots. It’s good to know that Keen stands behind their warranty. Eventually I need to look at a pair of insulated work boots and will have to now maybe look at the Rainier.
    How long have you had the Detroit’s? You mention the first pair were acquired in November then replaced, when?
    Wondering how long the soles took to wear down?

  3. Jon

    I have two pairs of Detroits, one low one mid height. They are incredibly comfortable and still look nearly new after some hard use. The sole began separate from the leather upper on the the low pair, so I called Keen. They responded by sending me a voucher for another pair. Great boots and even better customer service! Thanks for sharing Dustin.

  4. Maynard

    Great review. It seems that every time I need to buy a new pair of boots they don’t have the ones I want in stock or it’s discontinued. I quess I try the keens

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