In-Home Dog Wash Station – How-to Guide

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In-Home Dog Wash Station: “You dirty dog!”In-Home Dog Wash Station

At my house there were two ways to wash my two labs when they return from a muddy walk.

Either I wash the dogs outdoors with the hose or during the colder months I bring them into my neo-angle shower stall enclosure.  You can bet that is a scary sight –  me with the dog in the shower …..  I can hear you laughing now, and believe me it IS NOT a pretty sight!   Plus the dog shaking off to dry is a major issue.

Bottom line is that both methods have their disadvantages and one major disadvantage is I have to bend over to wash them and that bothers my lower back.

This issue and the fact that I saw recently visited Todd Fratzel’s jobsite in NH and saw his in-home custom dog shower led me to write this article on how to build an in-home dog wash station and create the following video documenting the usefulness of an in-home dog wash station.

Building vs. Purchasing a Dog Wash Station

I first looked at pre-assembled in-home dog wash stations and was impressed with the stainless steel tubs and ramps available until I took a closer look at the price tag of $2500 to $3000 plus a few hundred in shipping.  Too much money for me.  Instead, I chose my basement to build a utility in-home dog wash station; it has been a home run project for me.

More and more of my clients are asking for this feature and I wanted to share what I have learned during my project.  Click here to follow my step-by-step guide to building an in-home dog wash station.

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