Learn How to Build a Shed Ramp

There are a lot of high-quality pre-fab sheds available on the market. Avoid the big box stores, and you’ll find plywood floor and wall sheathing, 16″ oc framing, architectural shingles, and even vinyl siding and other upgrades. One thing that is commonly not included is the shed ramp. Fortunately, shed ramps are not difficult to build and today’s article is going to take a look at one way to build a shed ramp.

The site for this shed is quite sloped so we built a post-and-beam shed foundation, and a local distributor just delivered this beautiful new shed. Now it’s time to build a shed ramp.

Building a Shed Ramp

Build a Shed Ramp 1

For this project we used pressure-treated lumber, lag screws, galvanized screws, paverstone base, solid concrete block and 5/4 deck boards.

Build a Shed Ramp 2

First we ripped a 2×6 to create a flush surface before attaching a “ledger board” underneath the shed doors.

Build a Shed Ramp 3

Using lag screws we anchored the ledger board, taking care not to obstruct the locations for our ramp stringers.

We estimated the slope for our ramp and staked out the area. Next we measured the diagonal distances to make sure we were square with the shed. Next we dug a shallow (~ 4″) hole for the concrete blocks.

Build a Shed Ramp 4

We spread paver base to set and level each block, keeping everything straight and tight.

Build a Shed Ramp 5

For further support, we attached a board positioned just below the stringers.

We grabbed a piece of scrap and used it to mark the cut so the stringers would be fully seated on the concrete block.

Build a Shed Ramp 6

Build a Shed Ramp 7

And we used a square to mark a line on the stringers adjacent to the ledger board.

Build a Shed Ramp 8

Build a Shed Ramp 9

Build a Shed Ramp 10

We blocked in between the stringers and used a Ramset to drive anchors through and into the concrete blocks.

Build a Shed Ramp 11

Build a Shed Ramp 12

We cut the deck boards to length, pre-drilled holes and screwed the boards to the stringers. For the last couple of boards we used concrete anchors.

Build a Shed Ramp 13

Lastly, we painted the ramp to match the shed.

Build a Shed Ramp 14

This ramp is strong. It can definitely handle a riding lawn mower, and it looks pretty darn good too.  That’s how you build a shed ramp.

Build a Shed Ramp 15

Build a Shed Ramp 16

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12 comments on “Learn How to Build a Shed Ramp

  1. Chris

    Awesome! I built one very similiar to this for my shed with PT this summer. As I have never had one before, I did not take into consideration the SNOW AND ICE in NH. Two weeks ago, Im bringing my generator out because we lost power. I went hind quarters over tails and the generator landed on me. 🙂 Anyways, any ideas to make a sure surface because of wet and ice?

    1. Jason

      There are many different ideas. I have used two. 1. I painted mine weil wet I put play sand on the wet paint. 2. You can use grit tape.

  2. Otto Hugi

    Did you cut the bottom of the door? The doors of my shed stick down about 1.5 to 2 inches, which would leave a step of this height into the shed. would this be a problem for my lawn tractor?

    1. Tim

      His appears to have the same issue if you look very carefully at pic#2 and #10. I’m guessing the height difference was not that big an issue to him.

  3. EW

    Nice design and easy to build. I’m going to use this design for my own project. Something I thought was strange though – He used carriage bolts for the ledger board but just used regular screws for the board that the stringers rest on. It seems to me that it is the board supporting all the weight and is now the weak link.

  4. Rob

    My shed is sitting a similar slope. The left edge of the shed doorway is about 3″ closer to the ground than the right edge. How did you accommodate for this space when building your ramp?


  5. NH

    This is really helpful, especially since my shed’s doors also extend a few inches down over the front board. One question: How did you attach the stringers to the ledger board?

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