Five Spring Weekend Projects

After a long, hard winter in most of the country, people are looking forward to the rites of spring. And one of those cherished activities is the great American remodeling project. Here Joe suggests five spring weekend projects to add to your to-do list that will help improve the beauty of your home.

Update Flooring:

If you just bought a home or you’re looking to update your current floor, you may face the task of removing old linoleum. To tackle the job, consider an oscillating multi-tool that includes a scraping blade accessory. The blade is made to drive through linoleum to quickly and cleanly remove old material from the subfloor. To remove hard material or stubborn adhesive, try a rigid scraper; use a flexible accessory blade for more pliable material. Use the oscillating tool to scrape under the linoleum, then use one hand to peel back the floor covering as it’s stripped from the subfloor while the other hand pushes the tool. Try to collect large strips.

Add Remodeling Electrical Boxes:

The home theater room is a great place to gather the family. For a professional look with telecom or media wiring, cut holes for remodeling boxes, electrical boxes made for existing drywall that don’t require attachment to a stud. These boxes can be placed in cabinets or walls and finished with an appropriate trim plate. To avoid studs, use a hammer to tap lightly on a wall to locate hollow areas between wall supports or use a high-quality stud finder. Trace the size of your rectangle for an outlet and cut to the line.

Remove Trim, Baseboard, or Molding:

Removal of trim is a tough job if you want to save it for future use. The difficult part is removing the trim without it splitting or cracking. The oscillating tool does a nice job removing caulk and old adhesive with a scraping accessory, then allows the user to slide a plunge cut blade between the trim and the wall to cut nails and remove trim intact. Choose a bi-metal blade with fine teeth and a label that states “wood with nails” for best results.

Replace Broken Tile:

Broken tiles happen – in foyers, kitchens and bathrooms. Spring is a great time to finally remove these long-broken pieces to have a complete, perfect alignment again. Use a grout saw to remove grout from around the chipped tile. From there, you can use a pry bar or chisel to remove the old tile. If you can’t remove it as a whole piece, put a towel over the chipped tile and use a hammer to break it up. Ensure all old adhesive is removed to assure the new tile can be placed level with adjoining tiles. Use a quality adhesive to place the new tile and apply grout, being careful to match the original grout’s color and texture.

Repaint Exterior Trim:

Now that the snow and cold temperatures have receded, it’s time to clean up your window and door trim. Scrape and refurbish paint and stained surfaces, checking for any loose or missing nails, screws or splintered boards. In addition, use a power washer to remove dirt and debris from porches or concrete surfaces. Finally, Joe always advises professionals and DIYers alike to use eye protection and leather or other construction-grade gloves. And reminds experienced and novice builders to use quality tools and accessories for better results. You only want to do the job once, so make sure your first effort is your best effort.

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