Create a Homemade Storage Rack in 90 Minutes

Concrete artisan Gerald Taylor collects a lot of stuff in his work: wood, metal, stone, concrete, and granite. Well, you need someplace to store that stuff. To solve this problem, Gerald created a homemade storage rack.  If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to organize your materials at work, then this project is for you.  With a few pieces of extra pipe and two pieces of lumber you could have a homemade storage rack in under 90 minutes.  The tools Gerald used were a metal cutoff saw equipped with a Bosch premium carbide blade and a 36-volt Bulldog cordless rotary hammer drill with a 1-3/8″ Daredevil spade bit.

Below is you can watch Gerald cut the pipe he needs for the rack.  You can cut the pipes to whatever height you need to properly store your materials.

Remember, your storage rack isn’t competing for any design awards; it’s purely a functional solution to help organize all your materials. You can use any measurement tool to get the holes to line-up; it doesn’t have to be perfect.

In this video you can see how quickly and easily Gerald drilled his holes with the Daredevil spade bit – even with the wet wood.

Here is the concrete artisan himself, Gerald Taylor, finishing up the last hole for his new storage rack.

A look at the completed project. Now you can add whatever material you need stored/organized.

And here is the finished project doing what it was made for – easy storage for any loose material that might be cluttering up space around your office.

You can see examples of Gerald Taylor’s concrete art on Images in Concrete.  And for even more information on tool, jobsite or workshop storage and organization visit the BTP sub-forum where other pros post regularly and discuss their favorite and newest organization tips and tricks.

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