Best Power Tool to Handle Multiple Projects

We all use many different tools to get all our jobs done, but wouldn’t it be great if we could do a lot with a little.  Well now you can – with the Bosch Multi-X™ Oscillating Multi-Tool.  This is a one-and-done tool.  This is the best power tool to handle multiple projects through the use of its versatile adapter and many accessories. Now, if one of these projects is staring you in the face, you can say “there’s an attachment for that.”

See the chart below to see how you can use this tool and its accessories to rule the jobsite.

Caulk Removal
Caulk removal is a painstaking job with a scraper or razor blade, but the oscillating tool caulk knife makes this tough job easier. Removing adhesive or caulk from sinks or faucets is more exacting and cleaner.


Cut Nails
An issue every remodeler must confront is old nails. They’re in corners and places where a hammer just won’t reach. The titanium cutting saw blade quickly addresses even the most stubborn nails.



Grind Excess Mortar or Mastic
Removing excess mortar or grinding down foundation imperfections is the key to buildinga high-quality basement living space. A quality grinding accessory employs diamond grit to expertly cut hard material. 

Mortar Repairs
Mortar is literally the glue that holds stone, brick and decorative tile elements in place. When it needs repair, an oscillating tool grinding accessory removes mortar and grout cleanly and easily. 

Door Jam Cutting
One of the many niceties of the oscillating tool is the ability to change from one blade to another quickly. Which means you can be scraping old linoleum one moment and cutting a door jam to accommodate new wood flooring the next.

Wall Cutting for Outlets
No one wants to alternate tools from cutting to grinding to scraping all day. That’s especially true when the requirement is a simple switch or outlet cutout in drywall. The cutting saw makes fast, straight cuts to keep the job moving.

Flush Cut
The oscillating tool makes precision cuts along drywall to make tile fitting easy and exact.

Crown molding, chair rails and baseboards add flavor to a room. Getting the most out of these wood accents requires sanding contours or along intersections with floors or ceilings. Sanding triangles get into hard-to-reach areas with an oscillating motion that’s controlled and compact.

Install Floor Vents
Cutting vents in floors made from a variety of materials requires a tool that’s tough and precise. The oscillating tool cutting accessory can work through everything from the toughest laminate to hardwood.
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3 comments on “Best Power Tool to Handle Multiple Projects

  1. Michael

    I will have to say the Bosch Multi tool in comparison to a cordless Milwaukee 12v is …well there is none!!! The Milwaukee batteries die at a really fast rate especially if it cutting through anything other than dry wall. I used my Milwaukee Multi tool on a sheer wall with an opening of only 12 x 12 and had to change the batteries twice, and it was brand new. Now the BOSCH multi tool is fast and amazingly user friendly with the way the blades are adjustable and ease of use. Love it and will be saving the Milwaukee tool for ULTRA light duty or as an emergency back up for very small projects.

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