How to Plan a Successful Home Addition

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Room Additions: Always Ask Why

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I love to problem solve because it makes projects more challenging and more rewarding.  I also enjoy sharing my experiences with others; this is why I love working with a client from the initial design to the finished project.  One of the first things I ask potential clients to do is spend some time thinking about what they want to accomplish with an addition.  For example, they may want a larger kitchen but in reality once you make a list of what the client hopes to gain from a remodel/addition final plans could be different.

The first thing that should be done in any remodel is to make a wish list of anything and everything the client would change about the house if they could.  Price should not be a consideration at this point.  Next, look at the list and see if there are any ideas that keep reoccurring.  After you have the list together, call and set up appointments with potential contractors.  It’s important to form a relationship with a contractor from the start and let them help remodel.  Chances are the contractor will add insightful ideas to the project that you never considered.

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By meeting with a contractor at this point, you’ll get a better idea of how best to work together.  When you meet with the potential contractors, show them the list and mark each idea in order of importance.  Even if you know what needs to be done, go over the list with the contractor to incorporate other ideas into your project.

A perfect example is a growing family: They may need more bedrooms, bathrooms or increased storage.  Most of these needs could be addressed with an addition versus adding one small bedroom.  Using attic trusses would be a good example of a low-cost way to gain more storage space during an addition.  Don’t just look for a contractor to build an idea, share your vision with the contractor and let them help you design a renovation that your client will appreciate for years to come.

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    Making sure the construction area is quality work will pay big dividends. The looks and feel of the constructed project must reveal your expertise or you may be out of business very soon!

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