How to Build a Granite Table

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My Latest Build – A Granite Table

I never know when a project idea will hit me, so I always keep my eyes open for inspiration.  And my latest project was no different.  This granite table project started as an idea while I was on vacation in Panama City, Fla.  After I completed the project, I was excited to share it so others could learn how to build a granite table like mine.

I’m not picky when it comes to the custom furniture I design — I use whatever I find interesting and everything is fair game.  The lack of standardization makes the project even more unique because you can always try it again with different types of materials.  This specific project started with a $19 pot from Lowe’s.  Inexpensive granite can be picked up from builders or granite installers for free or close to it; for most of my projects I prefer to use recycled materials (click here to see my custom home-made storage rack).

How to Build a Granite Table - My Idea   How to Build a Granite Table - Finished

How to Build a Granite Table

Start with a simple, inexpensive granite pot (or an expensive one, whatever you prefer).  You need to first bore a 2″ hole through the bottom.

How to Build a Granite Table - Bored Hole

In addition to the granite pot, you also need to two granite squares – one for the top and one for the base.  The granite should be approximately 1-1/4″ thick.  I used a track saw to cut the granite squares.

How to Build a Grante Table - Tracksaw

For the next step you need to take one of the two granite squares and slowly bore a hole.  I used a Bosch 2″ diamond coring bit with the red suction ring filled with water. The variable speed on the tool is perfect for this application.  A 2″ pipe will go through the finished hole and will be screwed into a nut that is welded to the base.

How to Build a Granite Table - Coring Bit   How to Build a Granite Table - Finished Hole

The next step is rough shaping the granite base.  I used a Bosch 1803EVS angle grinder and a Bosch cup wheel.

How-To-Build-A-Granite-Table-Rough-Shaping-(Photo-4)   How to Build a Granite Table - Bosch Cup Wheel

On the top piece of granite I gave it an Ogee edge and on the bottom I gave it a bullnose; I used the 1803EVS again to polish the bullnose shape.  I started with a dry 50 grit diamond pad and then moved to a 3000 grit.  Variable speed is a must-have for this polishing step.

How to Build a Granite Table - Granite Router   How to Build a Granite Table - Polish Bullnose

Now you’re ready to create a metal support for the granite top and base.  In the video below I’m cutting 3/8″ metal for the base.  The carbide metal blade saw is equipped with a Bosch premium blade.  The blade allowed for effortless, accurate and cool cutting.  It also has plenty of carbide, which allows for re-sharpening.  I prefer to always keep two blades on hand so I can cycle them in-and-out as needed.

How to Build a Granite Table - Cut Metal

After the metal has been cut it’s time to position the pieces on the bottom of the granite square to weld together for a base.

How to Build a Granite Table - Metal Bottoms    How to Build a Granite Table - Welding Base

A 5/8″ nut is welded to the base so the pipe can screw into the base.  You could simply weld the pipe to the base, but I chose to use a nut so I could take the table apart for easy transportation.  The nut also lets you use a different sized pot, which allows the look of the granite table to be altered easily.

How to Build a Granite Table - Welded Nut   How to Build a Granite Table - Welded Top

When the base is complete make sure the top piece of granite is supported with a metal top plate.  I glued the top piece of granite to the metal plate to hold it in place.

After the base and top metal pieces are cut and welded together it’s time to treat for rust.  It’s best if the rust treatment also works as a primer.

Below you can see the pot sitting on the granite base.  And next to it you see the bottom and top granite pieces connected with the 2″ pipe.

How to Build a Granite Table - Bottom   How to Build a Granite Table - Assembling Components

And finally, you can sit back and enjoy your finished product.

Now you know how to build a granite table.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

How to Build a Granite Table - Job Well Done

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5 comments on “How to Build a Granite Table

  1. Dirty

    That’s a great project JT ! With the big jug below how cool would a small water feature be in the middle of that table? The pump and water reserve could be housed in the jug below.

  2. Sergey

    Wow! What a great looking table. Thank you very much for your detailed steps and illustrations. I have not attempted to do anything in stone myself, but I keep my mind open for something similar once I get some free time. Thanks again for the great post.

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