16 Tips for Generating Construction Business Leads

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Tips on construction lead generation:

Happy New Year guys.Construction Lead Generation

The remodeling world seems to have picked up a bit in 2012 with a project mix of mostly kitchens and baths, although there seems to be more and more interest in additions. In my neck of the woods projects leading on the home improvement front are siding, windows and decks.

As a remodeling contractor who has been fairly busy during the economic recession I can attribute my good fortune to a good work ethic, good reputation and MOST importantly a pro-active marketing effort. One thing I do not do is sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

Generating business leads is important and a huge reason that I have been able to stay busy — I have a plan in place to generate consistent lead opportunities. You can sit back and wait for the phone to ring but it just will not happen.

16 Tips on Construction Lead Generation:

Having a marketing plan does not cost a lot of money, but it does take work.   I made a list of 16 easy, cost-effective marketing strategies that work, so let’s generate some business leads!

Click here to read the 16 tips and start 2013 strong.

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7 comments on “16 Tips for Generating Construction Business Leads

  1. Clayton

    Absolutely loved the article. So many good, true points. Keeping in contact with clients: I’ve found it’s easier to get repeat work from a former client than get new work from potential clients in general. One trick we use is to use the business cards as you mention: give one out, and write their info on one of ours to keep and put in our system if they don’t have a card themselves.

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